30 April 2017

My first botox at The Clifford Clinic!

Hola! It's been awhile since I update this space. As the title suggest, I did my very first botox at The Clifford Clinic 3 weeks ago and I am very satisfied with the outcome so far! I have thought through several times if I should do it and I have friends telling me I don't need it. But honestly,  it's the flaws I face every day whereby you don't see it each time I look into the mirror. #insecurities you called it.

So from there, I knew I have to do something about it! Fyi - botox is NOT plastic surgery and I never have any thought of going under the knife. I know many people out there always have the wrong theories that botox/fillers are plastic surgery, but no. They are the new non-surgical facelift

A moment of silence, please
 Let's all be honest, most of our selfies have been altered in some way or another before we post it up online and frankly speaking... I told all my friends/readers that I do photoshop my pictures and I don't see anything wrong with that? So long as I keep my beauty reviews honest. Everyone wants to look good in pictures, why would you want to post an unglamorous photo and set it up as your DP? Yes, haters gonna be like. #stayreal #keepitreal. But goddamn it, beauty apps are so advanced now to the fact I don't even need to put makeup at home to look good in selfies lol and nowadays, about 99.9% the things you see online is almost filtered nicely. No? 

So ever since I had my first botox (jaw reduction) done, filtering and editing photos took me less than 5 mins to get it all done and upload it! I used to spend like close to 10-15 mins just for a selfie...  In fact, I don't feel ashamed to do it as long as I don't look too far off from pictures and in person lol! There's a limit to editing you know lol 

Ok, let's go straight to the part where I get my first jaw reduction done!
This picture was captured at the point of time where I'm feeling apprehensive! I have never thought of getting one at my early 20s! But since I do shoots and filming often, everything you see on screen is just like 10x bigger so the more it makes me wanna go for jaw reduction! 

Here's my doctor for the past few months in The Clifford Clinic! Dr. Gerard Ee, a very very friendly doctor and definitely is out here to help you out with your problematic skin! I am also pleased with the fact that my skin has improved leaps and bounds ever since I started my journey with The Clifford Clinic, (Review here

11 April 2017

Sponsored post: Kohepets

My dog is a happy boy for the past few weeks, all thanks to Kohepets for sending him the treats I've personally picked on their site!! :) 

I felt that online pet supplies are not very common in Singapore, yet I'm sure many pet lovers out there have heard of Kohepets as they have been around since 2011 and specialises in premium pet brands, such as Addiction, Wellness, Merrick and K9 Natural! 

Their website is neat and nicely categorized, you can easily find the things you want here for your pet. Frankly speaking, it was super tough for me to pick the items as there are so many things I would like to get for my dog! 

So in the end... I prioritized what I needed for my dog :)
I was having a tough choice between Mint or Milk for my dog then I recalled how much my dog love drinking milk! So I went ahead with this~ and the best part was, it is only retailing at $1.20 ^~^

My dog loves to bite on small pieces of stuff or even nibble them, so I thought instead of getting small toys for him to nibble on, why not get a smaller treat this time round? He really loves it you see, cause he managed to finish almost half of it. Lol. #greedy