8 March 2018

Jaw Botox (Top up) at The Clifford Clinic

A few weeks ago, I headed back to my trusty aesthetics clinic to get a top up of my jaw botox. It's been a good 10 months since the time I had it done and well the effects were sort of wearing off. You can read the first full post over HERE. 
If you're still unsure what Jaw botox can do to your face, here's a quick recap for you :D Jaw botox can help you to achieve a more defined jawline and your desire to have a "V" shape face without having to go under the knife! It typically lasts 3-6 months and full effect can be seen from the 3rd week onwards after your first botox date. However, I can see the full effect within 2 weeks after my first botox trip. I guess it depends on individual condition too :)

I've heard Jaw botox also helps in reducing teeth grinding when you sleep! I have a habit of grinding my teeth when I sleep, sometimes I can hear myself doing so. Kind of weird right? Maybe that's because I have a missing adult tooth (has become a baby tooth now) looool

While waiting for Dr.Gerard Ee~ 

28 January 2018

Beauty review: Australis Cosmetics

Hello, it’s been awhile! So Laycy Singapore sent over a few Australis products for me to try out. It’s been almost a month since I started using their products, and I already have a few products that I would highly recommend for you guys to get! Read on to find out which products~

If you don’t already know, Laycy Singapore is a company that carries several makeup brands, namely, BeautyUK, Australis, Freedom Makeup, Wet n Wild, BH Cosmetics, Makeup revolution. There are also many other brands that they carry. Head over to their site to find out more!

SO here are my top picks! Disclaimer: I'm only going to share my favourite products from Australis in this post.  

 Australis bright eyes undereye concealer (Banana shade)AC ON TOUR  Powder Contouring and Highlighting PaletteTag team brow pencil and gel, Velourlips matte lip cream (Shade Los Angeles and Hon-O-Loo-Loo)

!!!MUST BUY!!!
I assumed this is one of their popular product from Australis. I have a few girlfriends who own this palette, they also highly recommended me to get this contouring palette. I must say they were not wrong with their recommendation!

As you can see, the palette has six shades - 3 highlighting and 3 contouring shades. I've been using the first 2 contouring shades for my face and nose bridge. I personally prefer my contouring palette to be in powder form as I feel they are much easier to blend out.