9 December 2018

Sponsored post: Saborino Morning Facial Sheet Mask

Have you ever thought of finding an alternative skincare routine where you can laze an extra 15 mins in the morning? We all know every second counts in the morning and I will be reviewing a mask which saved me a lot of time!

Saborino Morning Mask has finally launched in Singapore! 

I've seen a few youtubers raving about this mask and they're highly popular in countries such as Japan, Taiwan and China. In just two years, about 10 million Saborino masks was sold and has received awards from numerous beauty magazines and TV Shows. 

 The Saborino Morning Mask performs 3 functions at once! Cleanse, Moisturise and Prime (base) in only 60 seconds. I must say this mask is great for the morning! I'M SOLD. 

15 November 2018

Sponsored post: MINON moist Amino-Full Shower

As mentioned on my IG Story few days back, I've been trying a new facial spray and I can't wait to share more with you guys today! 

MINON Amino Moist is highly popular in Japan and it was launch in Singapore last year. I've heard many good reviews about their skincare series and how it helps in sensitive and dry skin especially. This year, they're back with a brand new product - (Amino Full Shower) 

I've tried a few facial spray and in my honest opinion, most of them only helps in refreshing my skin because they contains water, but the one from MINON Amino Moist not only it helps in refreshing my skin, it also helps in keeping my dry skin at bay throughout the day. I've combination skin (in case you didn't know) some days it gets very dry yet sensitive and my foundation tends to look very patchy! But not anymore after I started using Amino-Full Shower.