13 February 2019

My 3rd session of HIFU Sygmalift at The Clifford Clinic!

I'm back to review my third session of HIFU Sygmalift, which was done on last December! And I'm sure you guys would have know that The Clifford Clinic has always been my favourite go-to place for laser and hydrafacial!

If you have not read my first review about this treatment, you can click HERE for the full details. This post is actually just a follow-up so if you wish to know more about this treatment, click on the link above!

This treatment is suitable and safe for all skin types! The thing that bugs me most about my face is those saggy fats around my side jaws. I knew I needed this treatment badly, because it somehow helps in lifting them up. From what I've experienced, there are noticeable difference in just one session. But what I observed is that they do come back again, hence, my only advise is, you need to go for regular session to actually see a full and more lasting effect.

9 December 2018

Sponsored post: Saborino Morning Facial Sheet Mask

Have you ever thought of finding an alternative skincare routine where you can laze an extra 15 mins in the morning? We all know every second counts in the morning and I will be reviewing a mask which saved me a lot of time!

Saborino Morning Mask has finally launched in Singapore! 

I've seen a few youtubers raving about this mask and they're highly popular in countries such as Japan, Taiwan and China. In just two years, about 10 million Saborino masks was sold and has received awards from numerous beauty magazines and TV Shows. 

 The Saborino Morning Mask performs 3 functions at once! Cleanse, Moisturise and Prime (base) in only 60 seconds. I must say this mask is great for the morning! I'M SOLD.