17 July 2017

Slowly I'm learning...

"As you grow older, your priorities change. Usual nights out are swapped to night in at home, your circle gets smaller, games, drama and partying every weekend just aren't entertaining anymore. You get to a point where it's quality over quantity, like your career, your relationships, your home and your family. You want quality now, something that's yours, something that is REAL, something you can grow from and something you're proud of. As you grow up, you start worrying about the future. you know that you are no longer 12 or 16. It's time to face the harsh world."

Maybe it's true, growing up is a trap, it's something inevitable. 
Here's a brand new battle, adulting sucks I must admit. 

1 June 2017

Second IPL session with Beaute-Haus!

I have always wanted to do a full body IPL but never went into it till I was approached by Beaute-Haus this year.  On a budget side. I've been using the veets (hair removal cream) to remove my hairy areas (not for private part of course) and they worked well, no irritation so far! 

It's my second trip to Beaute-Haus and no complaints so far! Trust me, when I say it's 99.9% pain-free! I've heard stories on how much IPL hurts! So I guess I was really lucky because not an inch of pain here in Beaute-Haus! Not sure about the Brazilian part though, lol.
 The entire area may be small but it was cosy and neat! Like I've said, it's a place for you to just pop by within half an hour to get your treatments done.