6 December 2017

Review: Etude House, Be My Universe Collection

So it's been awhile since I last did a beauty review! This time, I felt very lucky to be able to review the latest range of products from Etude House! The products were couriered to me last week for me to try it out, however reviewing them was totally at my own discretion.

 I realized Etude House is very strong in their packaging game! Especially for their holiday edition.

It comes as no surprise when the eyeshadow palette was built in a shape of a circle since it has to be in line with their universe concept. The palette was handy and lightweight enough to be carried around as compared to other eyeshadow palettes I own! 

The eyeshadow palette consists seven colors and comes with a mirror which makes it perfect when I need to touch-up my makeup on-the-go! 

11 August 2017

Ultra V Hiko Nose thread lift at The Clifford Clinic!

I've been pondering for months in fact since last year if I should consider doing Ultra V Hiko Nose Threadlift at Clifford Clinic. Finally... after a few months of hesitation, I finally have the courage to head down and get my nose thread lift done for the first time! 

The Ultra V Hiko Nose Threadlift is a new non-invasive procedure which is an alternative to traditional nose fillers. The Clifford Clinic is also one of the first few clinics in Singapore to provide this service! The whole procedure took me approx 20-30mins including putting numbing cream and anesthesia injections. It also depends on how many threads will be inserted into your nose, some people take 15 mins but mine was close to 20mins?

So what you will be expecting from the Ultra V Hiko Nose Threadlift?
  • Higher nose bridge
  • Sharper and better-defined nose bridge
  • Straighter nose bridge
  • Sharper nose tip
  • Correction of bulbous nose
  • Shrinkage of nostrils

So, here's a photo before the procedure. Honestly, I'm having mixed feeling at that point of time because my threshold for pain is super low. But Dr. Gerard Ee has assured me that it is not going to have any unpleasant feeling except for the part where local anesthesia will be inserted. 

Before the procedure, Front and side shot of my nose's