28 April 2019

Sponsored Review: RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

With the recent beauty trends, eyelash extension service is available almost everywhere in Singapore, many girls started leaning towards this to save time on their morning make up routine and I'm one of them. I’m not going to lie; having eyelash extension is extremely convenient on days where I have to rush. However, we all know that having a thicker and stronger base lash is far more important so that it can hold up your extensions well! Just like having a good skin, without a good base, any makeup applied won't look so good right?

Today, I'm eager to share with you this product I received from Neoasia! If you're having dry and brittle lashes, dull and lacklustre lashes, please continue to read :) You can thank me later, HAHA.
 I not sure if any of you have heard of RevitaLash, but I know they are popular for their lash and brows conditioner! 
Revitalash Advanced is non-irritating, vegan friendly, cruelty-free and safe for use with eyelash extensions!”

  This lash conditioner promises an improved lash appearance, healthier-looking lashes and stronger lashes in just 6 weeks! As someone with a very thin and sparse lashes, after hearing of this serum’s existence, I knew I really had to try it!

 The applicator is small and thin, and it is very easy to work around with. I apply this twice a day above my lash line (Day & Night), actually the recommended usage is only once daily! For the first two months, I haven't really seen a visible difference. However, I was told to persist in using this lash serum to feel the magic! I should be able to see a slight difference on the 3rd or 4th month! 

Truth be told, on the third month of using it, I was surprised to hear from my lash specialist that my lashes are finally growing! I had lots of tiny ones that are growing out! At that moment, I knew this lash serum is working well on my lashes. Ever since I started using this diligently, I can see that my lash extensions last even longer, usually it last me about two weeks, and I must go for a touch up already. This time, it was close to a month!

(Here is a picture of myself using the product close to 14 weeks with lash extension on)
According to RevitaLash, in order to maintain and strengthen your natural lashes, they recommend that you should continue to use the serum or else your eyelashes will gradually return to their original appearance if you stop applying it. 

Overall, I'm starting to like this product! There isn't really anything bad about this product imo. Not only does it help in strengthening my original lashes, it also provides stronger support for my lash extensions and minimize the damaging effects which often seen with the prolonged use of lash extensions. I think it is very important to have a good lash serum if your lashes are sparse and thin like mine and I would recommend you girls to try this!

Thank you Neoasia for sending this lash conditioner over! 
2.0ml (3 month supply) - $156 (before GST) 
3.5ml (6 month supply) - $237 (before GST) 

I understand some may find this item has a hefty price tag, but you really get what you paid for. It is also important to look for authenticity sticker when buying and only buy from authorized stockists only! Your eyes are very precious, protect it. x 

p/s: All my beauty review is non-biased and based on real experience. 
Thanks for reading!

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