13 February 2019

My 3rd session of HIFU Sygmalift at The Clifford Clinic!

I'm back to review my third session of HIFU Sygmalift, which was done on last December! And I'm sure you guys would have know that The Clifford Clinic has always been my favourite go-to place for laser and hydrafacial!

If you have not read my first review about this treatment, you can click HERE for the full details. This post is actually just a follow-up so if you wish to know more about this treatment, click on the link above!

This treatment is suitable and safe for all skin types! The thing that bugs me most about my face is those saggy fats around my side jaws. I knew I needed this treatment badly, because it somehow helps in lifting them up. From what I've experienced, there are noticeable difference in just one session. But what I observed is that they do come back again, hence, my only advise is, you need to go for regular session to actually see a full and more lasting effect.

I always give a good cleanse for my face before the treatment. A cooling gel was applied on the targeted areas, no numbing cream is required because this latest technology of HIFU sygmalift really didn't hurt one bit!

She started from the top to the bottom and at the end of the treatment, I can definitely see my face is slightly lifted and "V" :)

I don't know if you can tell the difference! I felt my face is less bloated too! Lol.
(if you're wondering why my skin looks so smooth here because my fuji camera skin beauty mode is on, but no other facial slimming function right here) 

The third session took me about 35 minutes and I left the clinic happily with a more defined jaw line! Like I've mentioned before, it really requires constant maintenance to prolong the longevity of the treatment. This is very suitable for people who wants a quick face-lift but has a low threshold for pain (like me!) or if you don't wish to go for any injection, you can opt for this. Furthermore there is no downtime, you can resume work the following day.
Once again, thank you The Clifford Clinic for making me look more human! I've been with them for close to 2 years? I must say they're really the saviour for my problematic skin. You can even google my acne journey with them x

Thanks for reading! 

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