3 September 2018

A brand new smile makeover at Teeth Fairy!

One of my biggest insecurity - my tiny teeth. I was told by a dentist that my teeth grew out neatly and I don't really see a need to go through a few years of wearing braces or Invisalign because, at the end of the day, it doesn't enlarge my teeth. (which I always wanted).

A year back, I did a researched about veneers as I've noticed it's widely popular amongst the stars in Hollywood and getting veneers can improve your smile instantly. I did my homework and understood which material has a better lasting effect. The material Angela will be using for me is Composite Resin. They are thin and translucent shells that adhered to your teeth to mask imperfections.

Apparently, their shop is still under renovation (projected to be ready end of September) so I went over to her place to get a smile makeover before she flies off to Japan!

I've enumerated the concerns for my teeth and I'm glad I got them fixed (FINALLY)!! Before getting ready for the procedure with Angela, she assured me that it will not hurt as she won't be plucking any of my teeth or making any drastic changes and I do know there are many misconceptions about veneers where the application is said to be painful.

She will be placing the Composite Resin Veneers on top of my natural teeth and shape each of them nicely. Therefore, it requires at least 5 - 6 hours of my time!

Here's a quick info about veneers:
They are the perfect solution for a variety of dental issues such as discoloration, cracked, chipped, or misshaped teeth.

A little part of your surface teeth will be shaved off so that the teeth will not be too thick after the Composite Resin Veneers go on them.

Everything was scrupulously done, and I finally can comprehend why veneers are expensive now as the entire procedure can be really taxing for the cosmetic dentist. Plus, it has an immediate result with no downtime! Veneers are one of the best ways to straighten your teeth without braces or Invisalign because they provide multiple cosmetic benefits, and they’re durable if you take good care of them

So, my teeth took about 6 hours to complete, and I'm super thankful that no sights of any gum bleeding, plucking of the tooth or shaving of my enamel. My lips were really swollen after the procedure, but it went down a little after 15 mins? 

During the whole procedure, she was very professional and meticulous in her work. Not much discomfort, except for the fact that my mouth needs to be open for 6 hours straight so it's a bit 酸 lor. Other than that, I think anyone can fall asleep during the procedure. Lol

Whooopsy, I know my lips are really chapped lol

Here's the final work after 6 hours! Super pleased with the outcome!! A thin, shell-like layer of material was bonded to my teeth and transformed the shape and colourIt was all nicely done by Angela, and the material she used on top of my natural teeth is Composite Resin as mentioned.  Fyi, I did 8 for upper teeth and 8 for bottom teeth. The whole procedure was pretty chill lah really. 

Ending off with a BRIGHT BRIGHT smile, this was a video screenshot hehe. I have never felt so confident in smiling with my teeth now! Couldn't be any happier, I'm glad I made the right choice. It's a life-changing experience!

Here's a quick recap on what Composite Resin Veneers can do
  • They can cover the gaps which are located between your teeth and this works well for those people that have gaps in the front especially upper teeth
  • They are individually customized
  • They are extremely strong, so basically anything that can break your tooth is as good as breaking your veneers
  • It's a good option in masking flaws teeth
  • A very natural looking appearance and instant teeth whitening 

For those who are keen in doing veneers and find it too costly to do at the dental clinic as they're charging about $800-$1000 per tooth, you may want to consider getting your veneers done at Teeth fairy, they charged at $3200 in total for Composite Resin veneers (8 top and 8 bottom) which last 10 years. For composite veneers, it cost $1800 which last 5 years! 

And the one I did cost $3200 in total.

You can QUOTE my NAME for 2x FREE Polishing! (Yes, teeth whitening) 
For appointment: +65 93859510

Thanks for reading!

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