20 August 2018

My first HIFU Sygmalift at the Clifford Clinic!

 Finally, I  have some time to actually sit down and blog about my trip to Clifford Clinic last month! I've been really overwhelmed with my work and property course the past few weeks, the good thing is I just ended my course a week ago so I can have more time to run my errands in the morning. 

Anyway, I'm excited to share a new treatment that I've done in the Clifford Clinic last month,  it is the HIFU Sygmalift., The Clifford Clinic is one of the first few clinics in Singapore to offer the latest HIFU technology-Sygmalift and it is the most advanced non-surgical face-lifting technology to date. 

So after my Q-switched laser, Dr Gerard Ee arranged the HIFU Sygmalift treatment for me as I have raised my concerns with him and he suggested I give this Sygmalift a try instead. I must say that I really appreciate when Dr Ee was able to arrange the treatment right away! I've been always wanting to get rid the stubborn baby fats around my cheeks area and I don't really like the idea of having to top up my Jaw Botox every 3 or 6 months. I felt this treatment would be a pretty good option for those looking to reduce more chin/cheek fat to achieve a more V-shaped face. 

As I was waiting for the room to be ready, I quickly read through the brochure. 
So what is HIFU Sygmalift treatment all about? It helps in Chin/Jawline Reshaping, eye contour, eyebrow lifting, skin tightening and rejuvenation as well as fine lines. 

Apart from that, it also helps in lifting and toning your skin! This is actually the best alternative if you do not want to feel needles going through your skin, HIFU Sygmalift does not have any downtime and it's painless! 

The treatment began with the therapist giving my face a good cleanse and then applying a cooling gel on the targeted areas. There is no numbing cream required as it's a non-surgical facelift treatment :) 

Honestly, I was afraid that it was going to hurt as I've heard past Sygmalift treatment were known to be painful and in some cases, they require numbing cream? Not sure if this was true though! 

have a very low pain threshold but I was assured by the therapist that I will not feel any pain during the treatment because and true enough, all I felt was just a warm sensation and pressure. The whole session was oddly comfortable and I almost dozed off!

Due to the high energy emitted by the ultrasound lasers, it will generate minimal heat. This treatment also tightens the skin especially the crowfeet areas and eye bags, it also helps in melting away the facial fats on areas like the double chin or chubby cheeks. 

The whole session took about 40 mins and I was really amazed by the results in just one session! I wouldn't say the results are extremely significant for the first session but I saw and felt my face is definitely much lifted and cheeks are less chubbier. I left the clinic happier with a more defined V-face! 

A selfie photo was taken after a day from the treatment.

I was told that it typically takes 3 or more sessions for HIFU Sygmalift to take the full effect, and it requires constant maintenance to prolong the longevity of the treatment effect. So I'm looking forward to the second session! I will update you guys here after my 3rd session of HIFU Sygmalift x  

Thanks for reading! 

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