8 March 2018

Jaw Botox (Top up) at The Clifford Clinic

A few weeks ago, I headed back to my trusty aesthetics clinic to get a top up of my jaw botox. It's been a good 10 months since the time I had it done and well the effects were sort of wearing off. You can read the first full post over HERE. 
If you're still unsure what Jaw botox can do to your face, here's a quick recap for you :D Jaw botox can help you to achieve a more defined jawline and your desire to have a "V" shape face without having to go under the knife! It typically lasts 3-6 months and full effect can be seen from the 3rd week onwards after your first botox date. However, I can see the full effect within 2 weeks after my first botox trip. I guess it depends on individual condition too :)

I've heard Jaw botox also helps in reducing teeth grinding when you sleep! I have a habit of grinding my teeth when I sleep, sometimes I can hear myself doing so. Kind of weird right? Maybe that's because I have a missing adult tooth (has become a baby tooth now) looool

While waiting for Dr.Gerard Ee~ 

Before they begin the procedure, they'll make sure the part where they're going to inject is fully sanitized to prevent any infections! This is my second time doing Jaw Botox at Clifford Clinic and I would say it was relatively a comfortable procedure. I have not done any fillers before, not sure if it feels the same!

My left side is done, and I was shocked to see the visible difference right away!? During my first procedure, I don't remember seeing any immediate results! Oh yeah FYI, I have 32 units each side for this top up and the product Dr. Gerard Ee has used is called Dysport

I've blocked my eyes here cause it doesn't look very good lol, not that I was in pain. But it was captured at the wrong timing... heh. By the way for those who are wondering how thick the needle is... I'mma tell you the botox needle is super fine and you don't have to worry about leaving the clinic with any obvious holes! 

This proves that this treatment is something you can get it done during your lunch break by popping by the clinic. 
Okay, so I deliberately put one with makeup and one without. That's because even with makeup now, I can totally skip contouring my face already! My friends were telling me that my face is much smaller now after the second topped up. They spotted the difference and asked if I did lose some weight again heh. 

From what I've personally experienced, the first botox may not be apparent until you topped up during the second visit (There will still be visible result with the first injection, but the second injection will be more visible) P/S: I didn't contour my face before I did my Jaw botox, but you can see my chin area is smaller and less chubby now which also helps me to achieve a more defined "V" face when I smile :)

Ending this post with a photo taken after my topped up! Incredibly thankful and knowing my skin is under control with the help of Doxycline, frequent Hydra-facial and Q-switched laser done at The Clifford Clinic! Good skin days brings me a lot of confidence just by heading out without any makeup on. I'm not blessed with good skin if you've been following me over the years, but I'm happy to know my skin have improved leaps and bounds all thanks to Dr. Gerard Ee!

For those who are keen on getting Botox done, you can call them up to book an appointment! If you consult and get it done on the same day, consultation will be waived off. :) 

The Clifford Clinic
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Thanks for reading! x

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