6 December 2017

Review: Etude House, Be My Universe Collection

So it's been awhile since I last did a beauty review! This time, I felt very lucky to be able to review the latest range of products from Etude House! The products were couriered to me last week for me to try it out, however reviewing them was totally at my own discretion.

 I realized Etude House is very strong in their packaging game! Especially for their holiday edition.

It comes as no surprise when the eyeshadow palette was built in a shape of a circle since it has to be in line with their universe concept. The palette was handy and lightweight enough to be carried around as compared to other eyeshadow palettes I own! 

The eyeshadow palette consists seven colors and comes with a mirror which makes it perfect when I need to touch-up my makeup on-the-go! 

Swatches time!
Sadly, the colour for the matte ones did not pay off very well as an eyeshadow. They are pretty dry but able to apply decently enough without feeling patchy! However, I wasn't exactly disappointed because their shimmer eyeshadow colour pays off very well! Moreover, I always prefer shimmer/glittery eyeshadow over the matte ones! If you're someone that prefer really light eye makeup, this can be a hit for you and if you're someone who prefers heavy eye makeup then this is going to be a miss for you. Anyhoo, I felt this eyeshadow will require an eye primer to work the matte colours out better.

I have tried my best to let the colours show on the pictures. From here, you can really tell how sheer the matte eyeshadows are! The real winner here are the shimmer eyeshadows, they have a chunkier consistency and the ability to be applied beautifully with a liquid metal-like finish. The pigment is excellent and I didn’t have any issues with it. However, the matte colours are definitely a miss for me! I guess there are still people out there who prefer subtle colours.

Here's a tip: If you want really an intense colour out of this palette, I would suggest an eye primer beforehand, or try using a damp brush so it picks up more pigments on your eyes! 

All in all, If you’re ok with softer and much sheerer mattes you probably will like this palette. (:

Lipsticks time!
There are a lot of things that I like about Etude House lipsticks and there are still a lot of shades that I love, yet they don't look the best for my skin tone. AnywayI have received five different lipstick casing and they are all limited edition. I really love how pretty the packaging looks! I guess one good thing about replaceable casing is I can switch the lipstick cover based on my mood for that day, plus it's very environmentally friendly. 

 I've started using this colour and I loveeeee it! Colour pays off very well for my skin tone (:
 p/s: I broke this one by accident, but I managed to save it!

 A very unique shimmer violet shade which you won't get to see that much in the Korean Beauty world! 

Another one that I inadvertently broke -_- and totally can't seem to get it back in shape. Omg! Sometimes I truly wish I can be less clumsy! :(

Swatches time!
One strong impression I know about Etude House lipsticks? The colour pigmentation pays off very well on the lips and I guess that's one thing they're very good at. Not only that, most of their lippies smells really pleasant and fruity! 

These lipsticks have a creamy formula and they leave a really pretty finish on the lips so that's definitely a plus! That being said, creamy formula usually doesn't last throughout the day based on my experiences. I guess after a cup of coffee or tea, you'll need to reapply them again and that's okay for me too. In terms of lasting power (without binge eating or drinking), it lasted me about 2 - 3 hours. I totally would recommend you guys to get these lipsticks!

I was quite surprised that this collection consists of perfume and hand cream. It makes it a perfect Xmas gift set too! As compared to other perfumes I own, I find the size of the perfume and hand cream are very travel-friendly. As for scent wise... It doesn't smell very sweet to me and I felt it was infused with an exotic spice! But don't worry! The scent was really pleasant and lasted me about three to four hours. 

They have sent two mascara for me to try out too. Sadly, I have eyelash extensions on and have always been relying on it because of how convenient it can get. So I might consider doing a giveaway together with other brands products after I sorted everything out! Hopefully, able to make it before X'mas (:

That's all folks! Thanks for reading! 

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