1 June 2017

Second IPL session with Beaute-Haus!

I have always wanted to do a full body IPL but never went into it till I was approached by Beaute-Haus this year.  On a budget side. I've been using the veets (hair removal cream) to remove my hairy areas (not for private part of course) and they worked well, no irritation so far! 

It's my second trip to Beaute-Haus and no complaints so far! Trust me, when I say it's 99.9% pain-free! I've heard stories on how much IPL hurts! So I guess I was really lucky because not an inch of pain here in Beaute-Haus! Not sure about the Brazilian part though, lol.
 The entire area may be small but it was cosy and neat! Like I've said, it's a place for you to just pop by within half an hour to get your treatments done. 

Beaute-Haus has never failed to make me feel comfortable and relaxed before and after every session, I was always served with a cup of warm tea before and after each session and was even asked if I'm feeling well before proceeding to the treatment.

 If you have not known... waxing or shaving can cause discomfort or slight irritation, especially on sensitive areas! In Beaute-Haus, they're using the latest SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology from Korea which means no downtime, no irritation and no redness which makes your IPL treatment experience so much more relaxing and comfortable! 

  The therapist was very friendly and they always want to ensure that I'm feeling comfortable during the treatment. 

It's my second sessions of IPL treatment using their SHR technology and I am already amazed by the results, I can see my hair is growing at a much gradual pace!

Indeed it is so IMPORTANT to keep ourselves neat and tidy all the time. Especially when I'm in this blogging industry! Thankful for Beaute-Haus! They made everything so much simpler for me, I just need to pop by to get my IPL treatment done within 10-15 mins and off I go for my next meeting feeling fuzz-free and clean!

Thank you Beaute-Haus for keeping me clean, neat and tidy! ;)

If you have not tried any IPL services before, look no further! In Beaute-Haus, they render affordable pricing and excellent service! Everything was done professionally! The location is so convenient too, just a few walks away from Tiong Bahru MRT.

18 Jalan Mebina, Tiong Bahru Court, #02-11, 
SINGAPORE 164018 / Tel: +65 9488 7309

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 11am - 9pm, Saturday - Sunday & PH: 10.30am - 7.30pm

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