11 April 2017

Sponsored post: Kohepets

My dog is a happy boy for the past few weeks, all thanks to Kohepets for sending him the treats I've personally picked on their site!! :) 

I felt that online pet supplies are not very common in Singapore, yet I'm sure many pet lovers out there have heard of Kohepets as they have been around since 2011 and specialises in premium pet brands, such as Addiction, Wellness, Merrick and K9 Natural! 

Their website is neat and nicely categorized, you can easily find the things you want here for your pet. Frankly speaking, it was super tough for me to pick the items as there are so many things I would like to get for my dog! 

So in the end... I prioritized what I needed for my dog :)
I was having a tough choice between Mint or Milk for my dog then I recalled how much my dog love drinking milk! So I went ahead with this~ and the best part was, it is only retailing at $1.20 ^~^

My dog loves to bite on small pieces of stuff or even nibble them, so I thought instead of getting small toys for him to nibble on, why not get a smaller treat this time round? He really loves it you see, cause he managed to finish almost half of it. Lol. #greedy 

We all know carrot is good for our skin and eyes! So no doubt, this is a must to get for my dog! My dog used to hate eating vegetables (just like the owner lol) so I hope this treat will play a good bond with him. 

This is definitely not something new to the pet owners, I believe most of the dog owners would get this pack for their dogs to chew. My dog can literally lie at one corner for the past 1 hour just to chew on this bone. TOO CUTE!! FYI - This product also controls tartar and plaque naturally. :)

I've heard of smartbones and they are famous for their treats! But I think I've picked the wrong one because I totally have forgotten that my dog had a habit of swallowing his treats whenever he is excited... the other time he almost chokes on this so I took it away and fed him with another treat. So I guess this is more suitable for dogs that are bigger in size! 

Furby never like eating dry food for all his 3 meals and we have been feeding him the same canned food for 3 years lol, so I thought that why not try something new for him? So I've picked this to see if he likes it and yes he finished it within a week! :D (also available in smaller can)

 Fish oils play a part in clearing inflammation, it also helps to build the immune system. I've been adding one capsule in the morning into my baby's food. :)

My dog has a very bad habit of licking his paw excessively and I'm glad this habit is slowly getting off thanks to this spray! This product actually helps to soothe the itchy paws and prevent excessive paw licking! Do you know excessive paws licking can cause your pet to get infections? So it is always better to get it prevent than to be sorry about it, going to the vet can also cost a bomb too!

I've been looking for a water filter for my dog and I find it really important to feed our dog with clean water, especially when you leave the bowl on the floor and dirty tiny particles went into the water! Hence, this drinking fountain helps to remove any dust, odor or fur! Making it really fresh and clean for my Furby to drink! I also spent around 10mins to build this up ^^

For those who wish to stock up your pet treats or stuff like spray, bowls and etc.
Head on to to find out what you can get for your pets from there!! They also provide FREE SHIPPING for orders over $60!

 Once again, thank you Kohepets for sending these treats over! :)
*His favourite is definitely the little bolo milk flavour dog biscuit, hahahahaha.

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Thanks for reading! 

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