30 April 2017

My first botox at The Clifford Clinic!

Hola! It's been awhile since I update this space. As the title suggest, I did my very first botox at The Clifford Clinic 3 weeks ago and I am very satisfied with the outcome so far! I have thought through several times if I should do it and I have friends telling me I don't need it. But honestly,  it's the flaws I face every day whereby you don't see it each time I look into the mirror. #insecurities you called it.

So from there, I knew I have to do something about it! Fyi - botox is NOT plastic surgery and I never have any thought of going under the knife. I know many people out there always have the wrong theories that botox/fillers are plastic surgery, but no. They are the new non-surgical facelift

A moment of silence, please
 Let's all be honest, most of our selfies have been altered in some way or another before we post it up online and frankly speaking... and I don't see anything wrong with that. So long as I keep my beauty reviews honest. Everyone wants to look good in pictures, why would you want to post an unglamorous photo and set it up as your DP? Beauty apps are so advanced now to the fact I don't even need to put makeup at home to look good in selfies lol and nowadays, about 99.9% the things you see online is almost filtered nicely. #imguiltyofthat

So ever since I had my first botox (jaw reduction) done, filtering and editing photos took me less than 5 mins to get it all done and upload it! I used to spend close to 10-15 mins just for a selfie...  

Ok, let's go straight to the part where I get my first jaw reduction done!
This picture was captured at the point of time where I'm feeling apprehensive! I have never thought of getting one at my early 20s! But since I do shoots and filming often, everything you see on screen is just like 10x bigger so the more it makes me wanna go for jaw reduction! 

Here's my doctor for the past few months in The Clifford Clinic! Dr. Gerard Ee, a very very friendly doctor and definitely is out here to help you out with your problematic skin! I am also pleased with the fact that my skin has improved leaps and bounds ever since I started my journey with The Clifford Clinic, (Review here

While waiting for Dr. Gerard Ee to draw the Dysport... 

I am very thankful that I'm born with a bit of "V" features, so I don't see a  need to do chin fillers and Dr. Ee has mentioned that my chin is a good example not to do fillers! So botox itself was sufficient to enhance the overall v-face look and more defined jawlines.

Lol.. I look like I'm bearing the pain here and can't wait for it to be over....

 I can safely tell you that I feel NOTHING when the needles went into my skin, plus I do not have any anesthesia on! I'm someone who is super afraid of needles and Dr. Ee has mentioned that it isn't going to be painful! He never fails to calm me down whenever I head for a treatment~ 

True enough, I didn't feel any pain. It's more of a numb and sour feeling? 
Super unflattering angles here HAHAHAHA

And I'm done in just 10 mins! The process went swiftly and totally no marks were left. Even if there is, only light marks which will be gone in 1 or 2 days (Not very obvious) so you don't have to be bothered with it! Botox is literally a quick lunch beauty fix :) 


After 2 weeks of Botox (Jaw Reduction), I can finally see the difference! My jawlines are much more defined, my chubby cheeks have gone down a little which also has successfully deliver the v-face look! :D

 Here's a comparison before and after two weeks of Botox (Jaw Reduction, Dysport)
This side is not as defined as compared to the right side, but I've gone for an intensive research online and most of them say it's normal! In fact, the botox will take more effect after the second or third trip. 

Okay, my right side seems to have a more visible reduction from the botox. I was shocked when I put them together! NO EDITING only soft skin mode on! 

I'm so happy to see the results in just 2 weeks! TBH.. I was quite dubious about the whole botox thingy cause I've done research and Botox might not work for everyone just like fillers! Initially, I was worried because I didn't see any improvements until Day 7! Almost a week for me to see the outcome! I can feel and see my cheeks wasn't that chubby as compared to the past, jawlines are definitely more defined now :')

Even when I smile, I can see that my chubby cheeks have reduced!! V V V.. you called it the Asian girls' thing? lol *Refer to the first photo and you'll see the diff :D

So that concludes my first botox done at The Clifford Clinic! Thanks to Dr. Gerard Ee, who knows what is best for my skin and what's not! So so so happy now! :D

For those who are at the early 20s and thinking of getting your first botox (jaw reduction) done, I would suggest you do a proper research and read up all the reviews then consult a good doctor. Doctor's skill is very important, you don't want to get results you don't wish for especially when it comes to fillers! Here in The Clifford Clinic, the doctors are very skilled in what they do and they know what is best for their customers! So no harm having your first consultations in Clifford, who knows you're going to be a returning customer? :)

Once again, big thanks to The Clifford Clinic and Dr. Gerard Ee for saving my problematic skin and features I'm concerned about! 

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Thanks for reading! x

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