25 March 2017

Sponsored post: Pop some fun with the new SANA Eyebrow Pencil!

I've been relying on different eyebrows pencil for a different look, and today I'm REALLY excited to share with you the latest improved version of the SANA Eyebrow Pencil!

As a beauty guru, I'm very particular when it comes to picking brows pencil and no, I'm not an eyebrow filling expert but I do set out certain expectations to make my brows look the best especially in photos. And I know in the market, they are a wide array of eyebrow products, from pen to pencil, pencil to powders or even to gels! So, I thought it will be great if an eyebrow product encompasses 3 things that I really need, and they are brush, pencil, and powder. 

Without further ado, let's kickstart the review! This time, I decided to go with a funky look (don't be shocked HAHA) and also I wasn't used to the bright blue lip colour.. but I thought since I've been working on the usual boring colours, maybe it's good to put my blue lippies into a good use for now!  

All in one product, it features an oval shaped pencil that goes on strong with the first touch and don't worry! Because it is not going to be a complete mess since it comes with a brush and powder!

I'm sure most y'all knew I had an eyebrow embroidery done few months back which also makes it so easy to shape my brows now. I didn't feel like I have to be extra careful with this eyebrow pencil because I find it so much easier to use without accidentally depositing too much colour. 

The powder is also best for blending the front part of your brows and which means, it is going give a very soft and natural look!

Honestly, it was easy to gradate and helps to cover the spaces that I can't get my pencil to work on. So with or without a brush, I'm still able to achieve a natural end with the pointed tip. :)

VOILAAA! You're done with just 3 steps! 
I find it easy to work on, however, I still need a few strokes on my ends to get a more define arch :)

 The Newborn 3 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil comes with 8 shades, and bitter brown is their newest colour which I find it a bit dark for my current hair colour~

Brows on fleek thanks to SANA NewBorn 3 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil! This product is available at all SASA Stores and will be launched in Watsons, Tokyu Hands and BHG ALT Concept Stores next month. It will be retailing at $23.90 ;) 

You won't regret getting your hands on them! One of the most amazing eyebrow pencil ever x

Thanks for reading!
P/S: I'm using NYX liquid suede blue lipstick! :)

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