1 December 2016

Turned 21 on Eighteen November!

Finally found some time to get my birthday post up! Apologies for the delay~ With a blink of an eye.... It's December already! It's gonna be another quick post as I didn't have much time left on that day to take the photos! The moment I check in, the preparation begins all the way till 5-6plus before the guests start coming in :( 

Beautiful cake baked by talented Dawn from (
It matches my birthday theme as well! 

Apparently, the table was too huge so we sort of ran out of decors but thank God that Jasmine has sent over some fairy lights to spice up the entire ambiance! All is well.... then the bulb failed to work in the mid of my birthday celebration (Jon and Winson tried to fix it but it doesn't work anymore) and thank God that my best friend managed to replace a new one within an hour! Just that it isn't copper wire :( Buttttt WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT HER?! :') I'm super thankful!!! 

Taaadaaaa, cakes and pastries by ( of course, this table wouldn't be a complete without dessert stands! 
SO A BIG THANK YOU TO ( My elder sister have been really helpful!!! Not to forget about the beautiful door gifts she has made for my friends! :D

It looks good and most importantly it TASTE GOOD too! So please support my sister little humble bakes ;)

Moving on to the birthday song session~~ 
For those who've followed me on Instagram/Snapchat would have already seen it x 

Cake cutting session before it hits 12am! 
Cake cutting session with my babycakes! Thanks for helping out x

Here are some of the photos I have taken with the people I truly bring close to my heart :')
 Dear best friend, I don't know what else I would do without you! It's amazing how we have seen each other grow up, from rivals to best friends for good 18 years! WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY! We went through so many ups and down and I'm so glad that all these obstacles  we have throughout the years have brought us even closer. You've been nothing but a real sweetheart, a strong woman that taught me to appreciate the little things in life. I have so much to learn from you!

 I truly wish and pray for you that the next man will learn how to treat you right because you totally deserve nothing less than that and I'm thankful I've met you. You're such a GEM to me and greatest gift God has sent. Cheers to many more years together! :')

The classmates I met through my hosting and acting class which was organized by Nuffnang! Real amazing how time flies and our 2nd phase of acting will be commencing real soon, as much as I hope the time will slow down in some way or another. Just wanna say that you guys have been really an amazing classmate! Here's a shoutout to you - Charlotte, Ena, Melina and those who couldn't make it on my birthday (Brenda, ShengJun, and Tay Ying!) You're been loved by me too x

 From left to right, Junsi the ones who always worked her way up for my beautiful photos. Just wanna say that you've such an amazing heart and talent, thank you for coming! And the two babies I freaking love (Hazel and Leron) I have so many words to convey to you in person, you guys are just soo wondrous as a girlfriend! Thank you God for bringing them in my life :')

A quick group pic before everyone resumes back to drinking session.... HAHAHAHA.
And yep that's all about it, I also wanna thank Kelly, Winson, (Didn't get a picture with) Damien and my Family for coming down (esp my Mom and Dad)!! Your presence is much appreciated!!! And for those who couldn't make it, your thought is still very much appreciated!

Counting my blessings each day :')
Once again, a big thank you to the ones who have spent your time shopping for my gifts! I love all of them!!!! I also wanna thank Hotel Jen Tanglin for the great suite service! THANK YOU TO THE ONES WHO HAVE WISHED ME ON FB AND INSTA! I RECEIVED THEM, SAW THEM AND LOVE THEM! Thank youuuuu :')

Here's to the last month of 2016, be good, be kind and be courageous! 

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