21 December 2016

Furby's first full grooming experience at Pet's Lagoon!

One of the best decision I've made for my little furball baby this year was to switch his groomer! Although the place is very far from where I stay, but no regrets! 

 I didn't have a hard time searching for their store and was greeted by a group of cute babies who doesn't bite!! 

Such cuteness omg! I really have a tough time leaving the place because I wish I can stay throughout Furby's haircut to play with them! Moreover, I'm certain about my baby is very happy to join his new friends here lol! 

 Pet Lagoon also sells a wide variety of snacks! 

They also sells bed and other accessories too! I'm considering of getting one cute outfit for my baby on his next visit! Hehe. 

So before I leave Furby to the groomer,  the groomer was helpful enough to suggest a few hairstyle that will suit my boy~ she recommended to cut his ear hair shorter, and I really was quite skeptical at first but why not give it a try since Furby have always been on the longer ear hair look! So I proceed with her idea and leave him to the groomer~ 

After 2 hours of waiting, and guess what...? 
 A fresh look!!! I was soo happy the minute I see Furby with his new hair cut! Even my parents praised and approved this groomer haircut was nicer than the previous one! 

FYI, Furby had his first full grooming here and this package includes - Cleaning of ears, Cutting and filing of nails, Shaving sanitary areas, Anal Gland Expression, Trimming of fur at the eye area, Shower using hypoallergic shampoo (which is safe and gentle for dog's skin), Drying, fluffing, brushing and blowing of hair and styling and cutting of fur! ;)

 Oops a little yellowish on the mouth area cause he went home and gobbled down his food lol. (Better explain why he is overweight now looool) 

So glad he is in good hands! They also dressed Furby in a blue ribbon which surprisingly made him look 10x cuter lol! Plus point ++
Grrr.. I absolutely cannot stand how cute his paws is now... super round and cute!!!! 
Not only they care about my baby appearance, they were concerned about Furby's weight because he is overweight now and needs to slim down asap lol! Ohhh and they provide transportation service for dogs and thank God I no longer have to travel all the way to the west back and fro! :) 

Overall verdict
I felt that Pet's Lagoon did an excellent job for Furby's haircut. My baby came back feeling clean, and looking sooooo cute and handsome all thanks to Pet's Lagoon! I'm also looking at giving Furby a good spa time soon and exhilarated that Pet's Lagoon provide such service at an affordable price! They do various services as well eg. Daycare, dental scaling, safe colouring hair dye and many others! 

If you're interested in getting any of services mentioned above for your furball, don't forget to QUOTE my NAME for a 10% off!! Once again, THANK YOU PET'S LAGOON for providing such an amazing services for my dog! So pleased with the results so far and my pup is ready for X'mas! 

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Pet's Lagoon
Limbang Shopping Center 
534 Choa Chu Kang St 51 #01-47 Singapore 680534
Tel: 6760 0376 / 9725 3378

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