5 November 2016

Sassylicioushair review!

Since I've got some time now, I decided to do a quick shoutout of my all-time favourite hair extension store! Many of you have asked how I had such a nice and volumized curls every day! Now here's the secret. I'm born with a natural thick hair which it can be a blessing and a curse at the same time lol and not forgetting - I had clips on hair extension and they're from sassylicioushair

2 months back, I needed hair extension for an occasion I'm attending and I went on a research and noticed their Instagram page. Since then, I never regret working with the owner (Tara). She has been very helpful and friendly so far! Although her replies can be late sometimes, she still managed to take some time and explained everything in detail when it comes to taking care of my hair extensions. She knows what is best for her customers and you guys can safely shop at her online store! This is why I've been using ONLY their extensions for the past few months while allowing my own hair to grow longer without damaging the ends with a curler! Of course, I do change my hair extensions!! Hahaha, they only able to last me 3 - 4 weeks (about a month)
My first hair extensions was a tighter and bigger curl as I wanna try out that look. When I first received the item, I was afraid that it will look very unnatural! Apparently, for sassylicioushair extensions, it turns out to be soo natural that even my friends can't tell it was a hair extensions! Hahaha. #oops #ugotcheated

After 1-1.5 months, the curls have loosened and the material they are using for my first hair extensions was synthetic if you're wondering. You will know it is time for a replacement when you find the tangles are too dry and frizzy! Don't forget that the hair extensions dry and frizziness are due to long exposure from the sun, rain, pollution, air and sweat.

Since it's time for a replacement, Tara also recommended me their latest hair extensions range. The Keratin fibre and Japanese Silk. She has sent two for me to try out, apparently I like the Japanese silk! It's soft and silky! On the other hand, Japanese silk is also more durable as the tangles are easier to remove! :)

Requested for a loose curl this time round, and here's a picture of me wearing sassylicioushair hair extensions (Japanese Silk series) - This series will be available this Mid November! So look out for it if you're looking at hair extensions :)

Really thank god for these clip on hair extensions as I wouldn't know how my hair ends would be like now without them. Probably the best choice I've made so far lol because I might have already damaged my hair ends with hair curlers for the amount of shoot I have lately~ Apart from saving my hair ends, these hair extensions also save my time from styling my own hair. I simply clip them on and blend them with my own hair then... OUT I GO ;) 

Once again, thank you, Tara for sending them over. I really had a fun time styling them and thankfully my hair has grown so much longer over the months. Glad to know that I don't really rely on extensions now unless I'm heading for a blogshop shoot or special occasions because  it can be quite a hassle afterall just to take care of them every day. So you girls really need to take care of the hair extensions if you want them to last you for months! *Do note that all material will be prone to tangles or mess due to long usage :)

For more info, you can DM her on the Instagram page or WhatsApp them! 

Thanks for reading! X

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