15 October 2016

Sponsored Post: SANA NewBorn Lasting Brow Pencil

Back with another beauty review! Hope your week have been fabulous so far!
 I'm sure many of us knew that how important it is to have eyebrows, surely, we have bumped into online memes about bad brows day! How terrible to not have an eyebrow right lol! For those who didn't know, having good brows will shape our overall look!

SANA has sent over their new powder liquid brows pencil that comes in two colour - Grayish Brown and Natural Brown. 

Here's a "secret" -  I own more eyebrows pencils than blushers hahaha. Why? Sourcing for a good eyebrow pencil has been one of the biggest challenges in my life lol. Gonna be up front to you guys, been using Anatasia brows pencil for quite a while now. For a daily usage thing, it surely runs out someday and I could only restock them when my sister is at overseas. :(  Now that I've tried another brows pencil which works almost the same like Anatasia! I could finally do a big switch thanks to SANA once again!

The best part is that it comes in two functions, the liquid one makes it easy to draw and control while for the powder one, it adds on for a more natural finish. 

This Ultra thin brush enables you to draw a line as fine as 0.1mm! 

For the powder, it serves to add on for a more natural look which I really like! Have I declare about the holding power?! Yes, it has an amazing waterproof effect! It repels sweat, water, and excess oil which last up to 15 hours! Proven after a long day of event/appointments! 

Now, let's put this liquid x powder pencil into a test! 
I've done an eyebrow embroidery 3 - 4 months ago and I guess from here you can tell the shape. Since then filling my brows have been really simple and quick for me! Have you discerned both sides of the brow colour are different? Because I was given two shades and decided to give it a try which one is more suitable/close to my hair colour! My hair is now so much darker after my touched up at the Salon recently, so my pick will be Grayish Brown. :) 

Overall verdict? 
I would rate this brow pencil a 10/10. I'm not being biased or anything but there is really nothing for me to dislike on?!?! This product comes in powder and liquid function. What's more, the liquid side has a really fine tip which makes it SO easy to draw and control! When it says waterproof, sweat resistant... indeed they hold up to their claims. After a long day at the event, I'm surprised that my brows were still intact! You see,  I really love Japan cosmetics and they have their way to my heart!

Selfies because of good brows day! 
Thank you SANA for letting me try out your latest range of brow pencils! I had fun testing them out and keepin' my brows looking good and clean all day! Now it's your turn to get them and I believe you'll love them as much as I do! They're available at all SASA, Watsons & BHG ALT concept stores! Retailing at $21.90~ 

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