3 October 2016


It's time of the month to update my current skin condition with you guys! Nothing has changed in my skincare regime, except the fact that I have to continue with my pills to control and balance my hormonal acne. I'm not gonna lie that my skin has definitely improved leaps and bounds under the care of Dr. Ram! 

This is my 4th sessions of Combi laser and based on my previous post (HERE), you can really see the results yourself. I don't have a specific answer for you when will my scars heal completely. All I can say is that it's only the 4th sessions and I'm happy to see how much the scars has lightened as compared to my first trip to TWC! 

The room where I get my Combi Laser/Acne treatment done! 

Fresh bare face and all ready for the 4th sessions of the laser!

Cooling gel before Dr. Ram come over and perform the laser treatment.

In case you didn't know what's Combi Laser about 
The Combi Laser is being done on the areas where my scars and brown marks are most prominent! If you ask me about the pain level, I would say none. I don't feel any pain at all, it feels better than facial  and it doesn't require more than 1 hour for that. 

Combi Laser is targeted to improve your overall skin condition. It helps to get rid redness and brown marks on your skin as well.There's a downtime for Combi Laser, which will take 2 - 3 days later for you to notice the flaking and peeling from the laser (in a good way of course..) because your skin is renewing and that's where you'll start to notice your scars/marks has lightened from the laser!

Skin condition updates (Will skip the forehead as it has cleared up completely)
Please X it if you can't stand gross images..... hahaha.
Left cheeks, spot the visible improvements after the 4th laser!!! P/S: Non-edited, adjusted a bit of lighting in the pictures for you to see even clearer.

Right cheeks, there's still a lot improvement needed for my right cheeks. :( This side is prone to the most breakout esp the time of the month!! *roll eyes* I didn't choose to be in this gender lol. This is why Dr. Ram has prescribed me antibiotic pills to control and clear them faster!

Despite having a problematic skin at my early 20s, I'm very thankful that The Wellness Clinic has assured me a lot of having a good skin again! It's been only 3 - 4 months with The Wellness Clinic and I'm really pleased and relieved to see the visible results so far. It might take me months or years to achieve the skin I'm looking for but I know it is definitely worth the wait :D

Let's moved on to Facial which was arranged on the 27th September! 
Lol, super slack outfit to town that day! 

Every facial has its mandatory step which is cleansing, we always start off the facial with proper cleansing before proceeding with extractions and other treatment. But in The Wellness Clinic, they start off the facial with additional step by giving a good head massage before the cleansing. That been said, I always love the facial at The Wellness Clinic! My skin always feels soft, bright and clean after the facial. :) 

 As usual, getting rid the dead skin is so important as it plays a part in making your skin look really dull.

This is the junk that kept in my face for the past few weeks.... thank god. I had them removed! 
I didn't take much photos after that because everyone got really busy during that time & no one was free to help me snap and my eyes have to be shut from extractions onwards. I did the same facial treatment to improve my skin condition and managed to shot a few (you can read more HERE

I also topped up some of the products before I left the clinic! I seldom post pictures of my bare face online because I was never satisfied with how my skin looked. After been on board with The Wellness Clinic, I can finally confidently post photos of my bare skin on snap chat or even insta story #unfiltered #yes. I'm looking forward to my next review with Dr. Ram and will update you guys again :) 

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