27 September 2016

Printed Holographic nails~

It's been awhile since I update about my nails situation! Been really busy with work and events but managed to take out some time to get 'em fixed! I've mentioned this from time to time and I must praised how meticulous she is at work not because I'm getting sponsored by it, my reviews remained unbiased be it paid or not as I wanna create a reliable and trustworthy platform for you guys. :)

Jess has brought in a new printing machine for nails design which makes it super fuss-free! How can I forget that it saves me so much time as well?! Not to mention, you're able to pick your own picture to be printed!!! Damn cool.

Yes, you just need a phone to get your nails painted with the design you're looking for ;)

 I was really amazed by how this machine works,..

 It took about 2-3 mins to finish the entire printing, for those who are always rushing for time, you might want to give this printed nail art a try!! It had proven that it saves me a lot of time! 

And here's the overall result, I really love it~ :D Holographic and Chrome nails have been an "IN' thing lately so I told myself why not just go for it! #noregrets 

If you're interested in getting your own pictures printed on your nails, go give this a try! They're having an ongoing promotion from $55-$65 for a set of design. Omg please for Gelish nails, it is really a steal at this price! There are also 300 designs for you to choose from, so not to worry!
Once again, thank you, Jess for making my dream nails come true! You're super talented! 
For those that stay in the west and looking for affordable home-based manicure services , you can consider having Jess as your manicurist! 


To book appointment: +65 85181646

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