5 September 2016

Bursting wardrobe? Look for REFASH!

If you're wondering what is Refash, here's a little background. - "Refash was founded in September 2015, by Aloysius Sng. He started Refash to make it incredibly convenient for women to clean out their closet for cash and at the same time, shop for quality secondhand clothes. He also wanted to deliver a delightful, frictionless secondhand experience to both buyers and sellers."

This is my second post for them, and I must say their service has remarkably improved after a year! For the past six months, I have put up some of my stuff on carousell, but they sell off really really slow, unlike Refash. Most of my items were gone within a few days after I left my first batch of items there! Everything is so convenient now! You can cash out anytime and any day you would like to and you're able to monitor your sales through their seller account! How amazing is that?!

They are very organised as well! The racks were organised based on the clothes colour and prints. This workflow has made it so easy for customers to search for their desired piece at a very affordable price too!

If you wonder how their new seller system works now, here are the steps for you to look through! I hope you'll find this post informative if you're looking for new places to sell off your items. :)
This is the seller homepage, you'll be prompt to key in your ID and Password 

After logging in, this is the page where you can do your payout directly to your bank account and observe your total sales! 

If you look at the date and time, the items I put up on sales sold out pretty fast! I'm quite amazed as there are soo many nicer apparels and I managed to clear at least half of the first batch items within a short period of time!!

There you go! I just experienced my first payout from Refash! It took 3-5 working days for the system to deposit the amount into your bank account! Everything is so much simple and I really enjoy being a seller at Refash now. I no longer have to make an extra trip down just to collect my cheque!

With their new system, I can track the number of items that were sold on this date and time. Information was stated very clearly on their seller web page account, the only downside is - I can't track which item that was sold.

Overall, I still love how their new seller system works! It was totally hassle-free, I don't have to make a trip down to singpost just to mail a few dollars item anymore! The best part about Refash now is, you're able to shop through their Refash app, simply find them in app store! So ladies, let's be honest. No matter how busy we get, we will take out some time to pamper ourselves for a good shopping spree right?! With Refash, you don't have to worry about bursting wardrobe anymore! 

If you're looking for places to sell your items/preloved, Refash is one of the places I would highly recommend. You can also sell your items without having to make a trip down as they provide a delivery service with their courier partner! I have dropped a new batch of preloved last week at City Plaza #03-130, so look out for my items! :)

Psssst, Have I mention about getting clothes from certain brands - MDS, Lovebonito, H&M and etc at a very affordable price? It's totally a steal here at Refash, so shop away now!
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