22 August 2016

Giveaway on Palladio Cosmetics!

Palladio Cosmetics? That's right! It's a newly launched brand in Singapore! They were created more than 25 years ago and is distinguished for its line of colours cosmetics enriched with herbs and vitamins. With diverse selections of products and shade availability, Palladio allows you to create the variety of looks you desire! 

I was really lucky because the team has sent an assortment of Palladio cosmetics and I've done swatches on the ones I really like for hygiene purposes! So don't worry, the giveaway products are totally brand new and I left it unopened.. so you got to try the colours yourself. Hehe 

Let's start on with their highly raved Velvet Matte Lipsticks!
I've picked the shades I wish to try and I've decided to give away a total of 8 lipsticks separated into two different groups - The grunge look and The rouge look, so read till the end of this post for the giveaway details ;)  

A lush, velvety liquid lip colour enriched with botanical and vitamin. They are free from paraben too! 

Look at it! Gorgeous colours~ I had so much fun reviewing this part and creating a different look! It has a very high pigmentation and lasting power! A very soft and flattering matte finishing and blends really well with their doe-foot applicator. However, I would recommend you to exfoliate and moisturise your lips before putting this on as this can make your lips look a little bit chap! Otherwise, this is a really good matte lipstick which you should totally give it a go. Furthermore, it cost you only $8.90, so why not? 

SILK FX Eyeshadow Palettes 
God damn it. I fell in love with these mini palettes! I was quite astonished by the fact that it lasted 4 - 5 hours without any eye primer on! The staying power and pigmentation were darn good. I find it really effortless for me to create a look with these eyeshadows from Palladio. The good thing about these palettes was, the shimmer is not overpowering and perfect for everyday wear. I've been using ALA MODE for work :) 

Matte Blush 
This matte blush stay true to its name, it blends well on my cheeks and pigmentation holds up throughout the day. This product did give me a "wow". I did hesitate to try this blusher as I find the colours pretty light and it may not show up very well on my cheeks... but nope. It turned out really good! The satin matte finish enhances the cheeks after two to three application and it was formulated with Apricot Kernel, Ginseng Root Extract, Aloe and Chamomile extract to help condition and protect the skin from free-radical damage. 

Overall verdict: I had a fun time reviewing my favourite Palladio cosmetics! The Palladio Cosmetics has definitely exceeded my expectation. Although all these products were fully sponsored by them but my reviews remained unbiased as I always want to create a reliable and trustworthy content to my readers. If you ask me being a purchasing customer of Palladio Cosmetics, I will give you a big YES. I will foresee myself buying more of their products in the near future! Their products were value for purchase so why not! It's a steal for such a good quality they managed to deliver :)

Now it's GIVE AWAY time!
I have a total of 8 lipsticks to give away!! I have arranged them into two different looks for two lucky winners! The grunge and the rough look, we all know that makeup trend changes all the time and I know darker lipsticks is the latest IN thing now. Hence, you might want to give this Palladio Velvet Matte Lipstick a try! 

 Colour - Damask, Tapestry, Suede and Raw Silk

Colours - Panne, Plush, Brocade and Bella Pink (Dreamy Matte Lip Colour collection)

All you need to do is
1. Follow @palladiosg and me @petiteksf on Instagram 
2. Like the Facebook Page
3. Leave a comment in this blog post why you wanna win these lipsticks, please choose your desired group!
(Please provide your name and email in the comment section as well)

And I will pick the best comment! P/S: The comment needs approval, hence do give me some time to approve them! Go ahead and tag your BFF too! Good luck! Two Winners will be announced on 3rd September! :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Followed & liked! My lipstick collection is very limited as I don't dare to splurge on colors which might end up not suitable for me. Hopefully to win this range of lipsticks as I have heard many raves about matte lipsticks! And the colors are lovely!
    - Amber,

  2. Hello. I wanna win Palladio lipsticks in the grunge group!! I have tried a few of their velvet matte lipsticks & I love it!! It's not drying to the lips infact very moisturising. Besides that I love dark lips as I love to do smokey eye look. I'm jermaine & my email is thank you!! :)

  3. Hello! I would love to win the palladio lipsticks in the rouge group as I have seen lots of positive reviews on the matte lipsticks! Btw, I love your fashion styles! I'm Wendy and my email is! <3

  4. Name: Angela Lim
    Email address:
    I am attracted by the vibrant colours in the Rouge Group and loving the matte texture, as some lipsticks are too creamy for my lips!

  5. Hi Shufeng,

    Followed both of you! I've been a big fan of matte lipstick, chance upon your blog and knowing that you're doing a giveaway on this newly launched cosmetics line. I hope this will be a good chance for me to try them out and hopefully to be a returning customers of Palladio. I also love reading your blog and have been a big fan of your fashion styles since CNOS days. I've noticed you from there since and knowing you have a big potential to be in the media industry. :) Keep doing what you love! (I'm looking at The Grunge) Thank you!!

    Name: Rachel

  6. Hello!

    Saw your post on fb and joining this giveaway by luck! :p I hope to win the rouge range as the colours are very vibrant and pretty!

    Name: Jerilyn

  7. ytjesslynlee@outlook.com24 August 2016 at 20:37

    Hi Shufeng,

    I don't have an instagram account and i not sure how to link to blogger.. I saw your post on fb and wanna give this a try since I have been a huge fan of matte lipsticks and own many of them.

    I hope to win the grunge range as I'm into a more bold look now(:

  8. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I would like to win Group A as I dont usually venture into dark colours and this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. I like the matte look while not compromising on moisture level so this Palladio Velvet Mattes are perfect.

    Alison Ong (

  9. I would love to win the Palladio lip colors in Group A, because money is tight right now so I do not have the funds to splurge on new fun lippies like these and I have never tried any products from this brand and it would be a great intro to their products. I have heard good reviews about their lip balm so I'm sure their lipsticks are just as great! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone!


  10. GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Thanks all for participating! X