28 July 2016

Sponsored Post: ME3 Event

Who else is excited to celebrate with the Nation this 9th August?! I was invited to the Media Event 3 on the 13th July. Very thankful to have this privilege to catch what's lining up this year's NDP 2016!

It was about one and the half hour event and I get to meet some of the performers and hosts! This year's NDP celebrates a new chapter for our nation. Unfolding in six Acts, the show begins with the story of Badang and the Singapore Stone, bringing out the strength, agility, resilience of our people.

(Photo credit to Carren)

The show kickstarts with the appearance of Chairman Show Committee - SLTC Jason See, Commander of 4th Singapore Armoured Brigade.

(Photo credit to Ho Lai Mun)

Jason shared his thoughts on how NDP 2016 will be especially significant for Singaporean as they launch towards an exciting future, He mentioned that - "This year's show is not merely a celebration of our nation's 51 years of achievement, it is also a platform for all Singaporeans to dream about the exciting future that awaits and pledge our commitment to creating a better Singapore together"

(Photo credit to Kenneth Lim)

(Photo credit to Ho Mun Lai)

This year's NDP, we have the Creative Director - Beatrice Chia-Richmond (one of Singapore's well-known personalities in the arts and entertainment industry) to share with us the Singapore stone stories. I'm not going to spoil the excitement so you really got to stay tuned for this.

After Beatrice and Jason shared the key highlights of this year's NDP Show 2016, the crowds started welcoming the first host - Ebi Shankara, which took his time to share the story of the Badang with us. He felt that it is a very meaningful story as it demonstrates the strength, agility and resilience of our people in times of adversity.

Drawing inspiration from what Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong mentioned last year about Singapore being a unicorn - One of a kind, a special animal, like no other in the world, Act 6: Dare to Dream kicks off the second movement of the Show to inspire Singaporeans to dare to dream about the future that awaits and encourages them to continue to pursue their hopes and dreams.

(Photo credit to Robin Ng)

(Photo credit to Kay Hian)

Singapore Soka Association Performers will be part of the NDP show. For the first time in NDP's history, the show will feature a song signing segment which involves over 150 special needs participants from seven Voluntary Welfare Organisations hand-signing to a song performance of "What a Wonderful World."

(Photo credit to Kay Hian)

Ms. Neoh Yew Kim shares her experience and highlights how she is excited to have been given the opportunity to be part of NDP this year.

(Photo by Robin Ng)

And here's a group picture of the people who will be involved in different Acts for this year's NDP. I believe, with their contributions for this year performance, NDP 2016 will be a great one! So let's not forget about giving credit to the ones who have worked hard for this NDP show and making it possible for all of us. :)

(Photo credit to Koh Beng Chye)

The ME3 event ended with all the performers and host on stage. It was a quick highlight on what's lining up this year's NDP and I'm excited to catch the preview on the 30th with the other bloggers! For the past few year's of NDP, I didn't get to have the privilege to watch preview or live and I'm thankful that I will be given the opportunity to catch the preview this year. :)

(Photo credits to Brianna Wong)

To sum up quickly - This year show will feature integrated aerial elements across all Acts of the show. To create a refreshing and forward-looking show, they have advanced 3D projection mapping with real-time tracking technologies which will be employed for the first time in NDP! Don't forget about the stunning fireworks display which will be brought closer to you guys this year indoor and outdoor! Not to forget the appearance like - SLTC Jason See, Beatrice Chia-Richmond, Don Richmond, Brian Gothong Tan, Jeffrey Tan, Chua En Lai, Jean Danker and much more!!

So... Are you guys excited yet? I'm not going to spoil everything in this blog post because there are so much more for you to be excited about!! So don't forget to dress in your best red & white outfit and catch the amazing show with the nation this 9th August! Be it LIVE or not, we can celebrate our nation on this very special day together. :)

Pssst, thanks to the Admin. I get to have a picture in the super huge National Stadium for the first time in my life! I can't wait to snap more photos of the preview show on 30th July and share it over here!

Thanks for reading! 

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