20 June 2016

My Journey with The Wellness Clinic

This year, I decided to do a big switched to another new skincare clinic. I know many of you that read my blog often, would have known who's my previous clinic sponsor. Just a little disclaimer, I'm no longer with them so discount code made on previous blog posts is not available anymore. 

On the 10th of May, I finally met Dr. Ram for my first consultation. I won't deny that I have problems with acne skin for the longest time, the acnes are bound to come back quite often and that frustrates me a lot. Having a skin like Angelababy was my biggest dream and I'm dying to achieve that. I've explained my condition to Dr. Ram and throughout the whole consultation, he has assured me a lot that I can regain a good skin again and with his confidence, I know that I'm in good hands.

The clinic is spacious, clean and the roman decoration spiced up the entire ambience.
You'll be greeted by the nurse at the counter the moment you step in too :)

Awards framed on the wall that Dr. Ram has achieved.

 Here's the waiting area, you can flip through some magazines, have a cup of warm tea served by a lady while waiting for your consultation with Dr. Ram. P/S: They provide wifi too,  if the consultation waiting time takes too long, you can complete some of your work on your laptop while waiting for your turn.

The whole consultation took me less than 20 minutes and off I go with 7 products on hand!

I was prescribed a total of seven products for my daily skincare regime. I was warned about the 'purging period' as my skin is trying to adapt to the new products. This is true but thank god that my skin got better after a week (which I will mention more on next post)

First step - Concentrated Cleanser and Toning Lotion 

Concentrated Cleanser no1
I love their cleanser, I can literally feel my pores are squeaky clean after using it! One or two pumps are enough for my whole face and neck. This cleanser provides deep cleansing without stripping the natural oils from the skin and the cleanser smell good too!

Toning Lotion no1
This toner consistency is slightly thicker. I've tried with a cotton pad but it soaks up completely and unable able to transfer the remaining solution to my skin. Hence, I prefer to pour it on my palm and gently pat it on my skin. I felt that it works way better without the cotton pad, oh also my skin feels very refreshing after the toning lotion!

Second Step - Clarifying Solution

Was specially prescribed this after my second consultation. This clarifying solution works like magic! It helps to clear up and calm down my skin, I must give a thumbs up for this product as it helps so much for calming down and clearing up my angry pimples within a week! I used this twice a day for the past 3 weeks and have cut down to once a day after my laser treatment.

Third Step - Acne Control Complex

When I first started using this product, I wasn't used to the texture. It was slightly sticky but it dries up really quick. The Acne Control Complex helps to regulate sebum productions, removes dead skin cells and controls acne-causing bacteria and inflammation. I used this twice a day and I can see the improvement in my skin for the past 2.5 weeks!

Fourth Step - Comedone Solution

I swear that their comedone solution has added into my holygrail product list! The bumps on my forehead cleared up so much all thanks to this and the laser treatment! This product helps in exfoliates and soothes irritated skin, it contains astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial formulation to clear comedones. I was advised to use this only at night, however, I used twice a day on alternate days.

Fifth Step - H2O Concentrate

Another product I love from The Wellness Clinic. This product helps to hydrates my skin! It is so important to moisturize our skin, especially when we put on makeup often. I wouldn't want any patchy foundation to be shown on my face hence, this came in as a good product! The H2O Concentrate hydrates, repairs, and restores skin barrier function, it also smoothes and refines the skin. Used this twice a day, please note that there is a mild scent after application.

Last step - Sunscreen

Do you know you can skip all the skincare product but just not sunscreen? It is so important to leave the house with sunscreen on because the UV Rays is soooooo damaging to our skin! Decided to get the one in tinted, there's no coverage at all but it does feel lightweight on my skin after first application.

I've picked the lightest shade to match my skin tone~ However, I find the texture quite difficult for me to blend it out on my skin but overall still works well as a Sunscreen.:)

So if you've been following me on snap chat, you know that I've gone for my second laser treatment and my skin is still recovering from the peeling, of course, I can see that some of my scars have lightened! I'm excited for a few more sessions to see the full results. As promised, more on that soon, a proper review will be up and I can't wait to share how much the treatment has helped in my problematic skin!

#04-09, Camden Medical Centre, 1 Orchard Boulevard
Singapore 248649

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