6 June 2016

Journey to perfect brows with Prestige!

As I grow older, I noticed that having a nice shape of brows is so important! Have you guys ever google memes on people with no brows? It looks terrible isn't it? Eyebrows play an important role in shaping one's outlook and with the right brows, it will help to enhance your face features and of course, you'll definitely look less dull!

I know previously I've done and blogged about another eyebrow embroidery services and it's been almost 8 months back. Eyebrow embroidery doesn't last forever, touch ups are needed and hence, I accepted the offer from Prestige after hearing lots of good reviews!

The whole interior designs totally live up to their name - Prestige, indeed. Nicely decorated, everything just looks so luxurious and the moment you step in, they welcome you with a cup of warm tea. 

The service they have offered was Korean NanoTech Eyebrow Embroidery Colouring worth at $888

Before getting everything started, the specialist will draw your brows and let you choose the kind of shape you're looking at, then advise you along the way which eyebrows shape is the most suitable for your face features. With that, I know I'm in good hands :)

 P/S: I just realized that I have some serious hair loss at the side lol wtf fml
So the specialist started off by analyzing my face shape and features, she has drawn two different kinds of shapes for me to choose from, I was really fickle minded at that point of time and decided to go what she has advised.

If you're wondering how's my original brows like....
This is why I say, having a good eyebrows shape is EVERYTHING and I'm really excited to show you the outcome! So continue to read~ 

After 15-20mins, we finally got it started! Was led to a room to get my numbing cream done!

Before starting any procedure, you don't have to worry how painful it is going to be. The numbing cream is applied before the procedure, I was assured that it is not going to hurt a lot once the numbing cream has taken the effect and this is true.

The specialist also took extra care by informing that all needles that used on each customer is brand new, they do not reuse them for hygiene purposes. In Prestige, they make sure that you'll go on with the procedure with a peace of mind. We all definitely want to avoid infections at all cost right? I'm glad that Prestige practices this. 

Finishing up by trimming my brows a little, I almost fell asleep. It totally shows that the comfort level is just right there (at least for me). Thanks to the numbing cream, the entire procedure felt really comfortable and honestly it doesn't hurt so bad from what I have thought. The only thing I felt was the strength of the specialist trying to comb my hair one by one, hahaha. - This is the part where they ink the first layer of your skin :)

And finally, we are done!! The entire procedure took me about 40-45mins~ 
I love the results! The brows are very natural and I like the way it is. Korean brows which I have been trying to achieve with my hopeless eyebrow pencil. *rolleyes emoji* Thank god that Prestige is able to achieve the brows I'm looking for :)

I was informed that my eyebrow will have a downtime period, it will take about 5 - 7 days for it to lighten and for the past weeks, I've been a "walking crayon shin chan" lol but I kind of like it dark someway and somehow?!!??! 
After a week from all the peeling/scabbing! I'm loving the results so far! I was told to go back after a month for touch up as the effect of touch up will be much nicer and more defined. I'm really happy to receive lots of compliments from my friends of my new eyebrows for the past week! ;)

A big thank you to Prestige for giving me the perfect brows! I can finally look decent without makeup on, lol. It does help in enhancing my face features a little~ so y'all know how important it is to find the right shape for your eyebrows now? I would definitely suggest Prestige if you're looking out for places to do your eyebrow embroidery, it's literally the price you're paying for! If you're interested getting them, you can simply QUOTE my name to get a 10% OFF, this promotion will be available until end of October 2016 :)

You might also want to check out their website for full pricing details and available packages~ 

Address: Suntec City Tower 2, #02-488, Singapore 038983
Tel: 6822 3395 | 6822 3396

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Can't wait for my second touch up! Hehe, thanks for reading ;) 

Disclosure: I was invited from Prestige to do a review and was compensated for my time to write this post. However, all opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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