1 May 2016

Sponsored post: SANA Maiko-Han BB Cream

HELLO HELLO HELLO!!! ^~^ Hope you're enjoying your long weekend so far~ 
Nowadays, I've cut down on a heavier makeup and go for the lightest makeup whenever I head out. (A good thing I guess) Singapore is already HOT enough and my makeup usually has to go with a primer to last the entire day and I don't really like the idea of it especially when I stay outdoor more often now.. so today I can't wait to share this newfound baby which the team from SANA has sent for me to review! I decided to give it a shot since I've never had trust issues with products from Japan, lol.

 Probably one of the cutest bb cream I have ever see in this size! 
The team has sent two shades for me to pick, whichever that suit my skin tone the best~ 

 And of course, I will always pick the one nearer to my skin tone and also plays the trick in making my face look a little fairer! I've picked Shade 01, and had it tested out for a week! (My snapchat says it all!)

How the back looks like.. unless you're a Japanese then probably you can understand what it is. Lol.

First look - The packaging is fun-sized, which makes it very convenient to bring it around and it save so much space in my makeup pouch as well! The dispense tip of this bb cream, I think it won't be very hygienic in the long run, so wipe the leftover once in awhile before capping it! 

 Swatches~ I've picked the one with brighter shade which is the shade 01!

I've said this a million times and I know I'm not a big fan of BB Cream because most of them have clogged my pores and broke me out in the past, but was amazed by the fact that SANA Maiko-Han BB Cream didn't clog my pores so far which is why I'm sharing it with you! ^~^ 

It has been almost a week, and I'm satisfied with how lightweight it feels on my skin after application and I'm glad that the scent of the bb cream was light, unlike other bb creams I've tried so far! For the coverage, I would say it will be light to medium, and it is buildable without having your face looking cakey! So, ladies that blessed with good skin, this thing is going to be your next holy grail product, and I'm not even kidding! Sad to say that I'm not blessed with good skin, but having an Acne Prone skin, this product is considered good enough for the coverage! See, makeup always does wonders! P/S: Sorry if you ever feel cheated.... HAHAHAHA

I have light blemishes on my cheeks that were caused by inflamed acne in the past, can't wait to get them laser soon! (More on that soon) Not to mention, it lasted me for almost good five to six hours (outdoor) without having to touch-ups! Amazing! 

 I guess the only cons side of this product is that they do not label which shade it is on the packaging. Sometimes, I wasted a little by dispensing the wrong one :(  

But not to worry, before you make a purchase.. their outer packaging will states which colour you're getting but after you dump it away you have to be extra careful if you bought two shades! Don't mess them up like how I do, hahaha! I am really clumsy!
 Natural Beige

Can you spot the difference? Shade 02 is slighter darker which matches exactly hand skin tone lol.
At the end of the day, Shade 01 is still my favourite so far!

To sums up this review in short:
This SANA Maiko-Han BB Cream is now available at ION, Waterway Point, and Tampines One SASA!!!! It's Retailing at SGD24.90 (Worth it!) I'm going to purchase my second bottle after I finish the first, not even kidding because this is my current holy grail base product now! Japanese cosmetics always have their way to my heart, lol.

Oh and I've been using it every day for work~ Feels good to received lots of compliments on my skin now (less caky lol) and I can foresee myself finish the entire bottle within two months time too lol. 

To end this review with a shameless iPhone selfie~ I'm using SANA Maiko-Han BB Cream, Shade 01 :) 

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