22 May 2016

Sponsored post: Maiko-han Eyeliner

So the other day I did a review on Maiko Han BB Cream and today I'll be sharing with you guys another product the team (@sanasgp) have sent over! I have lots of eyeliners left at home, and most of them didn't work well on my oily eyelids, they either smudge after a long day or they pretty bad at handling my tears, lol. Hence, I've set a pretty high standard when it comes to eyeliners; my terrible oily eyelids are partially the cause of it. 

 Again, their packaging arrives in the Japanese language, so I don't know what it has claimed to be.
So I decided to put into a test (continue to read on)

The packaging of the maikohan eyeliner seems to be slightly thinner as compared to my other usual eyeliners, the grip of it feels a little different. 

I'm glad that their eyeliner comes in a very fine and soft tip which makes the drawing of the wings way easier. However, sad to say that the black wasn't intense enough to complete the look I need. I need a few more layers to get that kind of 'black' I'm looking for; I guess I will only use this as my bottom liner~ 

 Drew a little heart on my hand, this is about 2 - 3 layers of it! You can really tell the black still wasn't that intense, so it's good for people that looking for a more natural look!

I decided to do a water-proof test... and here's the result. If you rub on it lightly, it will go off. (I think it will help you save on eye makeup remover hahaha) So, you can tell it is not the kind of eyeliner I'm looking at. 

Overall verdict
The eyeliner does hold up well for 3 - 5 hours on my oily eyelids, The only sad thing is that it doesn't seem to be 100% waterproof, and I need multiple layers to achieve the look I need with this eyeliner. However, I must say this is still a decent eyeliner after all. It is not that bad la! The whole application process was smooth, fuss-free and perfect for creating the wispy strokes and extending your liner more naturally! Apart from all that,  the ink also dries up pretty fast, so it's quite a plus point! I would much more recommend this to people who doesn't have problems with oily eyelids and looking for lighter black eyeliner, this could be your holy grail product ;)

To end this review with a shameless selfie - (wearing maikohan eyeliner!)

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Hope you enjoyed this short review, thanks for reading!

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