30 May 2016

Sponsored post: Lucido-L Argan Oil

Frequent colouring and bleaching have caused my hair to be really dry and weak. I have bought and tried lots of haircare products which claim to 'moisturise' my badly damaged hair but they just don't work. It can be so frustrating because there are times I really wanna chop off my dry ends but I desperately want longer hair. Have you ever faced such a situation before? :(

I won't lie,  my hair situation right now is terrible... all the fancy colours you see on my pictures ya? It is actually very damaging for my hair. Even my hairstylist has warned me not to bleach anymore. But now.....

I can't be more thankful that LUCIDO-L ARGAN OIL exists! Goodbye, hair woes!
 The team from LUCIDO-L has sent over two Argan Oil for me to try on, the one in gold is meant for thick/damaged hair while the one in pink is meant for fine to normal hair. 

I've picked the one in gold since my hair's really thick and dry. 
Surprisingly the oil is very lightweight as it claimed to be and I really love the scent of it! The floral scent makes me want to flip my hair all the time hahahahaha. On top of that, the oil is absorbed into my hair very quickly and it blends really well, which creates a smooth and even finishing~

In case you didn't know, I've been using styling tools without any heat protection on and I know how damaging that is to my hair. So I really thank god that I've kickstarted the habit of having a 'haircare regime' now just like my daily skincare regime!
 It's so so so important to take good care of your hair if you want to feel confident. Don't you agree that bad hair days make us wanna stay home and hide from the world?! Hahaha

 Lucido-L Argan Oil is extremely lightweight and doesn't leave your hair greasy, I can promise you that! I've been using this before any styling tools. It's true that my hair smells instantly 10x better and feels super smooth after application!

For me, one or two pumps are enough for my hair ends~
You can tell how light the consistency is! Rub them together on your palms and apply thoroughly on your hair ends in a downward motion. The heat from your palms actually helps to activate the product, allowing it to blend easier to a smoother application. :)

Can you spot the difference?! Ahhh yes, goodbye bad tangles and dry hair!  Lucido-L Argan Oil definitely aced it! I can't find any cons in this product!?!??!

My overall verdict: I don't find the need to reapply the oil as it lasts me the entire day! The product really keeps my hair really smooth, soft and shiny after application! The good thing is that it can be used in the morning and before bedtime. How awesome can it be to be able to wake up to a good hair day?! And Lucido-L Argan Oil definitely won my heart over, it gives off the kind of shine I need and I seriously urge the ladies who have thick and damaged hair to try this product out, you'll love it! Especially the floral/fruity scent lol, I'm addicted to it. 

Product benefits?
Heat protection, UV Protection, tame frizzes and flyaways, non-greasy, fast absorption and deeply repair the hair from within.

And here's a fun fact for your hair if you do not know! 
Our hair cuticles open when we shampoo our hair in order to wash out the dirt. Hence, it is crucial to seal back the cuticles with leave on treatment to prevent loss of moisture! And argan oil is effective because it's small molecular structure allows it to deeply penetrate into our hair shaft instead of simply coating the outer layer of our hair like some other types of hair oils do.

So unbelievable that I am able to achieve smooth and glossy hair EVERYDAY even at home with the help of Argan Oil! Hands down to you, Lucido-L! For the past few days, I woke up with my hair smelling freakin' good and looking more presentable for work! Lol, good hair day = happy me! 

If you're keen to try this product, you can get them at major Watsons, Guardian, and other leading drugstores and supermarkets for only $16.90! The price is super affordable for a bottle that will last you about 3 months?!? Totally value for money, please.  

I heard Lucido-L is giving away samples for this Argan oil really soon! So connect with them for more updates/promotions! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, thank you all for reading and sending my love to you guys! 

Disclosure: I was sent the Lucido-L Argan Oil to review and was compensated for my time to write this post. However, all opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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