10 April 2016

Denim Friday with the girls!

Oh god, when was the last time I ever sit down and type out an entry that isn't an ad/sponsored post? Hahaha, I'm really guilty of that now. :/ Well, I have to admit that my life is not exciting every day LOL so please don't expect much hahaha.  impromptu decisions made on Thursday to get my hair fixed at Black Hair Salon. I didn't expect myself to go blue this time round, but since I have tried pink, purple, blonde, brown... I decided to go for something different. I have to admit the blue is a little too bright for me and I'm toning it down next Tuesday! #firstworldpain #thankfultowardsmyhairsponsor lol 

Yes, that's my current hair colour now but slightly brighter for the blue which my Dad didn't really like! I'm contemplating between ash grey or ash blue again or darker blue? but let's hope my hair can still take all that bleaching :/ 

If you've been following me on my snapchat, you probably have seen how my time spent with Leron in the salon. Yes, my phone literally got hijacked by her the entire time. #doingwhatbestfriendssupposetodo LOL. After our hair appointment, we went for dinner at this place that sells really yummy Nyonya food! "Bambu Restaurant" 
Looks little.... but we couldn't finish all the dishes hahaha. AND there's one thing I swear that it won't be my last trip at Bambu Restaurant because the food over there was soooooo yummy! The taste of the tom yam soup still kinda lingers in my mouth and at the back of my mind!?!?!?! How can! I would say, the price we paid for was worth it! It sums up to almost $70 in total! DON'T SAY I NEVER SHARE. 

Aftermath, we thought of going for something sweet to end the day. We head over to Nunsongyee for some bingsu.... ahhhhh yes our favourite! 
YAAAAAS, All day err day. Had so much fun catching up with my ladies, feels really good to take a good break from all the work and spent quality time with good friends. Finally a healthy Friday, no partying, no drinking but just good food and good company. I should start to cultivate this healthy lifestyle habit, hahaha!

Last of all, I came back to these beautiful Gerberas after a long day of filming the other day. Thank you so much for this lovely surprise. #tooblessedtobestressed :)
As much as I wish these Gerberas live forever.... I have another few more days to admire it. :(
That's all about it, gotta be up early for tomorrow shoot. 

Thanks for reading! 

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