24 March 2016

Sponsored post: Unveil a brighter you!

I'm extremely obsessed with getting fairer skin after watching the Korean dramas! My friends knew that I hate going out in the early noon especially when the weather is such a killer! Nowadays I prefer to wear long sleeve out as to avoid the sun whenever I can lol unless I have an outdoor shoot. Sounds bimbo, but I really want a fairer skin and dying for it! From all these problems I'm facing, I am glad that I was introduced to the new Kinohimitsu's product ' Be White ' which included in their Total glow set! More on that, so keep reading!

So the combination of the Total Glow helps to eliminate pigmentation, dark spots and freckles, revealing healthy and glowing skin from within. Providing our skin with protection against harmful UV rays and our skin is well replenished with vitamins and antioxidants, giving you fairer and smoother skin. Apart from all that, the Total Glow set also helps to promote a healthier liver, which is crucial as the liver is one of the key organs to maintain our bright skin!

Past 3 weeks, I kicked start my day with a UV White at 9.30am or sometimes at 10am! I actually placed them in the refrigerator cause I felt it taste better when it's cold! So what's the benefit of taking this beauty drink? ( It helps in providing 9 hours of UV protection, breaks down and inhibits the formation of melanin, restore skins vitality! This is one of my favourite UV beauty drink so far!

Moving on, lunch time! I always have my lunch around 12.30pm or 1.30pm! And I've been taking the pills diligently, popping them into my mouth after 10mins break from my lunch! This is the part where it helps to heal your skin and it is important to take good care of our skin especially when you're living in such an HOT country! Yes, the weather is such a killer even on the days when I'm in the office, the sun rays will shine right through the window panel which is even more harmful to the skin~ As the saying always goes " Apply sunblock even when you're at home " Be white help in providing 3 in 1 benefit in just onecapsule and they are Skin Brightening, UV Protection & Anti Photoaging. While providing the inner UV protection for the skin, it helps to brighten and heal at the same time. It also helps to heal sunburn skin! This product may suit the one that stays outdoor too often! However, for those who doesn’t like capsules, can also take Kinohimitsu UV Bright Drink as well! 

And night time? I guess that's the most important part because that is when our body get some rest and it is also the skin renewal time! This is how I take my prowhite, I love to mix it with my favourite drink (Green tea)! Yes, it is totally absolutely fine to mix with sweet drinks and the truth is.. I have days taken it with just plain water and I didn't really like the taste of it. Hence, mixing with sweet drinks seems to taste waaay better, it's totally just like drinking your normal Ice tea and etc. 

Prowhite targets to brighten, repair damaged skin cells, promote healthy skin cells turnover for a fair and translucent skin. Main ingredient - Glutathione that helps to eliminate and lighten spots while promoting healthy liver to boost immunity. It is also one of the most vital nutrients to promote a strong & healthy liver.

It took me quite some time to get this post up, but after taking the Total glow set, I personally felt that my skin is a little bit fairer but not too much difference! I was really skeptical to try these products, but was blown away by it! I pleased to see the slight results now! I guess it is advisable to take a few more months to see better results, which I can't wait!! P/S: Totally non-edited, room lighting do play a part in the photos too!

And I'm really glad to share that Kinohitmisu is having promotion for the Total Glow products! 
$128 for Total Glow Set. (UP: $209.60) 
Be White: $47.90 ($59.90) / Prowhite: $45 ($69.90) / UV Bright: $29.90 ($39.90)  

Keen to purchase? Here're the places you can get it from! 
Prowhite, UV Bright, and Be White at all leading pharmacies, major departmental stores, retailers and online. As for Total Glow, this set is only exclusively available online

 For more information about Total Glow and Kinohimitsu’s upcoming exciting promotions, check out Kinohimitsu Singapore’s Facebook Page and online store

Grab yours now!
Thank you Kinohimitsu's for this and thanks for reading! x

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