5 February 2016


Before starting this post, thank you Love & Co for your invitation! I might probably be too young to talk about wedding bands right now. Hehe, but well, it is always a girl dream to get proposed by the man she loves~  I'm totally at the stage where I could only admire the rings and have no one to share with.... Hahahahaha oh well. 

Love & Co, is a premier jeweller with international standing hat heralds a unique brand concept. The specialist in couple bands, diamond solitaires and love jewellery, Love & Co also brings the romantic essence of love to the jewellery store with a touch of sophistication and contemporary elegance.
The things you need to know about Love & Co is that they're one of the leaders in wedding bands, and they got the widest selections of couple bands for you to choose from! A collection of modern, trendsetting couple jewellery is a perfect complement to the whispered words of endearment. :)

 The rings design you'll be seeing in this blog post is made by the finest craftsmen. 

Not only they sell rings, they sell couple necklaces too! 

(New collection!)
This year, Love & Co spice up romance journey with a stylish locket pendants in rose this Valentine's Day. A selection of exquisite charms nestled safely within a white gold sapphire glass locket and you're able to choose a whole range of alphabets, numbers and exclusive charmes specially designed to express your love story with your partner! 

The specialist has unveiled the latest rose gold addition to its existing LVC Charmes Love Story locket collection. Love & Co's Love story locket pendant is now available in Elegant rose, plain white gold, white gold with diamonds. It's pendant is embellished with diamonds and were intricately handmade by the master craftsmen! Of course, the locket pendants will make a lovely perfect gift for your loved one. :) 

Also, if you're really keen in the locket pendants, you can get to discover and experience the personalisation of Love & Co's Love Story lockets on their newly-developed site (HERE)

It's damn awesome because you can get to choose your desire locket!!!! 

I've chosen this as my favourite because it's adorned with pretty diamonds! 

You also get to choose your alphabets, charms and numbers! Anything that has linked to your love story, what a perfect gift for your loved one seriously! 

Yep, that's pretty all on their LVC Charmes Love Story locket collection! It is available at all 11 Love & Co's showrooms in Singapore and Malaysia~ :)

Moving on....
We get to tour around to see different types of wedding bands and there are lots of them!!!
 LVC Promise, Signature Collection!
This is super amazing because it comes with interchangeable wedding bangs, with a choice of plain and diamond bands! 

Also, it's interlocking 'L's and Glamour piece with more than 2 carats of diamonds on it makes it a perfect wedding bands for couples! 

You're able to custom made your wedding rings in Love & Co's too! 

 Here's the more classic collections~ 

In Love & Co's, they no longer uses "sponge" to hold the wedding bands.. This time, they came up with something even better! A box with beautiful roses that can put into use not only for rings~ 

Oh diamonds, pretty diamonds~ You're such a dream!

Here's the LVC Lovemark (Solitaire), Signature Collection! 
My dear future husband... you know that this ring is once in a life time right...? You know what to do right...? HAHAHA

Their LVC Lovemark collection has 50 promises of quality, a mark of exclusivity and dual assurance with inscription of Rose hallmark. Rings were crafted to perfection!
 And here's me checking how many carat my future ring will be.... LOL JK.

For couples who interested to have something unique, there is also premium platinum range of wedding bands, the LVC Proponere and Purete, 
For more details on it, do hop on their site! ^.^

And here's me trying out my dream ring~ What a great opportunity offered by Love & Co, and I get to learnt and understand the different types of wedding bands at this age! 

Valentine's Day is coming and if you're looking at this day to propose to your girl... then why not give Love & Co solitaire a try! Their pendant locket is also another dream gift for someone special! You can now enjoy a $100 off when you quote "LVCxShuFeng" at any Love & Co. Showroom~ Promotion is valid till 30 April 2016 and it's only available for the purchase of LVC Lovemrk solitaire collection or a pair of LVC Promise wedding bands. So hurry!

Once again, thank you Love & Co for having me and my friend!
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Thanks for reading, x 


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