28 February 2016


Excitement always gets to me when it comes to sharing my favourite beauty products to you guys! Decided to do a blog post version instead of a video version this time round~ As you all know, time flies and with a blink of an eye, February is coming to an end and I'm really excited to share with you guys some of my favourite products for the month! :D

So I got this cushion from Althea twice. Before this, I've been a huge fan of Laneige bb cushion and I decided to do a big switched to Etude House Any cushion after looking through many reviews. I've started using it for almost a month and I swear by it... I loved it! The coverage seems to be so much better than Laneige bb cushion and I love the cooling effect after application! So far, this is the second bb cushion that did not break me out and lasted me the entire day without any touch ups needed! Was on luck and got it for only $15.30 from Althea, it's a steal man!

Picking up powder foundation in the drug store is always my last choice, but I have to admit that the pink packaging won my heart over. (goddamnit you guys marketing skill) lol. Ok, so I bought this from Watson few weeks back and I got to say I loved it! The first ever powder foundation I would recommend to you guys! They say, powder foundation always feel lighter than liquid ones, to which I agree with this! I only use it on the days I go to work or I decided not to cake my face with so much makeup! This product has been really good to my skin, no breakout so far but the only bad side is that the lasting power is only  4 - 5 hours and it is better to avoid applying too many layers to make your face look cakey! It cost me less than $20 for this and suitable for Asian skin, I can totally foresee myself purchasing more of silkygirl products in the near future!

Again, I got this freaking amazing concealer from Althea which I've been raving about! I didn't bother to look up for any reviews before purchasing since it only cost me $5! I've been using Innisfree creamy concealer for a good one year until I found this.... I never knew this would ever be one of my holy grail product. I was pretty skeptical to cart this item out and it makes me wonder how can a $5 concealer really work on my acne prone skin! But hey, no harm trying it!

After 3 weeks of using, I was blown away by this product! The coverage is sooooo good and it lasted me the entire day as well! Couldn't help but I had already stocked up a few since Singapore doesn't bring in this brand~ hehe #mustbuy

So I have taken a break from eyelash extension again and I knew that it's time for me to get a new lash curler! I got this from FEP, some beauty shop located on the second floor. Honestly, this lash curler is brandless but it works wonder! It cost me less than $10 for it and was highly recommended by the sales assistant! You see, sometimes you don't need to splurge a huge sum on certain curler brand to achieve the look! This lash curler works almost the same as the one I bought from Lancome but of course, I will still prefer Lancome! :x

Few weeks backs, Canmake team sent over a few of their products for me to try it out. I wasn't paid or told to share it (though the item was sponsored) but I really want to share it with you guys cause the products really works so well for me!! FYI, I've been a huge fan of Japanese and Korea cosmetics and I was a paying customer of Canmake products for almost a year before they engaged me to work with them on a long term basis! I couldn't help but to share this amazing eyeliner that doesn't smudge throughout the day on my oily eyelid! The price of this eyeliner is super affordable as compared to other brands that I've tried so far! It's super thin and easy to draw!

If there's one blusher I can't live without, it would be this! I absolutely fell in love with this cheek powder blush, the perfect pink shade I've been looking for! I really like the application and the blush is fun-sized and handy, I'm glad it comes with a small brush which makes touch up in the public so convenient! This colour is so perfect for a dolly look and I usually used it for the studio shoot and the days I go for a lighter makeup, it lasted for almost good 4 - 5 hours? Touch up is definitely a need for oily/combination skin!

I have to admit that I wasn't even a fan of using light pink and dark purple eyeshadow because I'm used to the brown eyeshadow look! I don't how much you can trust me with this, I was pleasantly surprised that the colour came off really sweet after I applied and truth be told... I'm impressed by the pigmentation and the staying power even without the help of eye primer. It stays on my eyelid for almost 5 hours!! Is it because it was made from Japan?!?! Lol, I am sure I'm not the only one LOVE things that made from Japan!

Bought this from CK! Despite the frequent hair treatments I get from my hair sponsor, taking care of my own tresses at home plays an important role in proper hair growth! Can't remember how much I got this for, but it was pretty pricey esp the oil! I knew I have to get this since my hair is always so frizzy~ I really love the scent of it and how it keeps my hair really smooth after application! ^^

Okay, so I got this amazing hair curler for my bangs from Mustafa... it comes in a pack of 3 rolls at only $2.90! I've heard another black roller from Daiso, which I have searched high and low for it... seems like it's sold out EVERYWHERE! Ugh.. Nonetheless, the curler I got works well for my stubborn bangs too and it is really convenient to bring it out! Whenever I touch up my makeup in the toilet, this will be put to good use! Thanks to Leron~ I never knew how much such curler works like magic on bangs!

On December, Vichy team sent over a box of their new skincare range specially targeted for blemish/combination skin! I didn't do a review of it because their main products broke me out after using it for 2 weeks... but I'm glad to share that this is the only product on their skincare range that works so well on my stubborn acne! It really kills an angry pimple overnight!

Disclaimer - (*) listed are sponsored item the rest are bought by my own money.

I hope you enjoy this blog post and I will definitely come back with more beauty/haircare/skincare favourites next time round! ^~^

Thanks for reading!

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