14 January 2016

Sponsored post: Pretty Small Shoes!

It's been awhile since I last blogged! Honestly, I wonder who still read blogs nowadays? Ahaha anyway... here's a quick feature post for Prettysmallshoes! So y'all know I've featured a gorgeous pair of wedges on my Instagram (Click here) almost a month ago and it is courtesy of :) I really love how comfortable the wedges was! I can walk the entire day without having my feet feeling sore and tired! Quite amazed by the quality of the shoes too! Here's definitely a good site for ladies who have petite feet! Have you shop their site? If no, then you totally should go now!

So here's a short intro - Jiyeon is the founder of Pretty Small shoes and as an owner of PSS, she is facing the same issues! Jiyeon started the company about 8 years ago as an online company, and now they've opened their first ever shop in London, 2 years ago! She is also the one who designs the shoes, so from there, we can tell how talented and creative she is from the wide range of shoes designs we have seen on the site~ ^^

And again, Prettysmallshoes is a site that specially caters for petite girls! I feel you girls, who have small feet! It can be really frustrating enough to see your favourite pair of heels/shoes that doesn't come in your size. #firstworldproblems 

The best thing about pretty small shoes is that they offer a wide range of shoes designs for you to choose from, almost 800 designs for you to choose! That's insane, I would probably shop till I drop, next! In case you didn't know about it, their shoes ranging from UK13 to UK3! They also hope to reach out to as many petite women as they can, what a beautiful thing to hear!

The most amazing thing ever? They ship worldwide!!! So it doesn't matter where you are from now! Petite feet ladies all over the world, time to get the right shoes here and conquer the world! LOL

For more info, get on their site to check it out!

And here's my pick~ I love how comfortable it is and able to shop the entire day without having my feet feeling sore!! Not to forget, it matches lots of my outfit since black can never go wrong! Hehehe
To sum up, this is definitely a great site for me (lol) and girls who are facing the same petite feet issues. You wouldn't want to miss this site out, so remember to shop your favourite pair before CNY arrival! A big thank you to the Pretty Small Shoes team for sending this lovely pair over! Superb quality and fast delivery indeed! ^o^

Shop away now~ 

Find them on Instagram & Facebook!

Thanks for reading! ;)

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