16 January 2016

Sponsored post: All-queens lenses!

I can go a day without eyeliner/falsies on, but I can't go a day without my lenses on! I've been wearing colour lenses since last year! Used to wear spectacles daily and only last year I decided to give a big switch due to frequent shoots! 

I think it is always important to make sure our eyes are well taken care of, nowadays there are many online fake lenses and we need to take extra cautious when shopping online! Today, I will be featuring 3 lenses from 

I've personally picked these 3 since I felt they were less dramatic and plays a big part in enlarging the eyes (which allow you to look like "another person" hahaha lol, oh don't forget to photoshop to look good la. hehe #whocares)
I've been a huge fan of brown and grey lenses as I find them more subtle as compared to others! I have tried a few colours like green, pink and purple but they look really weird on me. I guess you need a suitable hair colour to match the colour lenses too! 
I'm wearing the Ponpon by I.Fairy in brown! Diameter: 16.2mm but they look fine on my eyes, doesn't feel too dramatic, though!

I cannot deny that I have too many similar grey lenses because I find them really basic! I can wear it without any makeup on or even go on any eye makeup, be it the dramatic look or simple and natural look, since they match lots of pretty eyeshadow colours as compared to brown lenses. That's what I felt, I don't know about you, hahaha!
Here I am wearing the I.Fairy Miss Fluffy in Grey! Diameter: 16.2mm~

 Eh, I got wear a top hor.... HAHAHAHA pls
Another brown lens again! Looks a little bit greyish isn't it? This is why I chose this lens!! Hahaha, there's like a 3-4 tone in this lens which makes it look really pretty! Ok, this lens really plays a huge part in enlarging my eyes, as you can tell? It is less natural which makes you look like a "doll" hahaha (not saying I look like one but ya HAHAHAHAHA pls) and I love this lens because I can head out without any thick eye makeup on since it already plays a huge part in enlarging the eyes.... which is a good thing?

So yeah, that's all for the picture features! All-queens have a wide variety of different brand lenses for you to choose, I'm sure you'll have a big headache thinking which to choose since every lens is so pretty! It's can be really hard to find an online store that sells authentic lenses these days! And I'm glad to share that all-queens founded since 2010, so definitely a site you can trust! I've tried and tested the lenses for weeks before blogging about it. They worked really fine! ^~^

Time to doll yourself up this coming Chinese New Year, ladies! Stay beautiful!
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Thanks for reading! X

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