29 January 2016

Advertorial: Buck Tile St. Cafe

It's been awhile since I last cafe hop! Was invited down to try out Buck Tile St Cafe on Monday~ I have to admit that I hardly go cafe that is in the western part of Singapore, but after this first trip... I'm going back for more!!

What a perfect backdrop for your outfit of the day, which I had mine here
The wooden tiles do bring that countryside feel, don't you think so? Heh. 

Great daily deals displayed outside for you to decide before entering, what's not to love!

 Yes, they are all for sale! I love the Carousel, though, so pretty!! 
The moment we enter the cafe, we love how it was sooooo spacious and cosy! Honestly, it's like my first time seeing a Cafe that is so spacious and it really gives off a little countryside vibe! 

 And what really makes them stands out from the rest is that their menu is super quirky, old school and funsize!

Iced Mocha and Earl Grey Iced Tea 
Rachel and I were served a cup of our favourite pick! I do wish the Iced Mocha was a little sweeter though but overall it is still fine for me!

Blue Velvet Cake ($6.90)
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! Rachel told me it was too sweet for her as she couldn't take sweet stuff that much, but well... it taste so good for me cause I have a sweet tooth! The cake was so soft and sweetness is just right there! Oh, and it is very pretty too! #muchinstagramworthy #worthit #hotselling

Truffle Fries
I've been a huge fan of truffle fries, so that means that I've tried lots of truffle fries from different cafes! Well, here at Buck Tile, their truffle fries aren't that bad either, however, we do wish it was a little more salty~ Other than that, the crispy level is just right there and it is not too oily either! So it might be a perfect truffle fries for the people who doesn't like it too salty and oily~ 

 Blue Velvet Waffle topped with Strawberry Ice-cream
What's not to love about Ice Cream Waffle!! You're missing out on a lot if you didn't try it! 

Their  Blue Velvet Waffle is actually an NEW ITEM!
Blue topping makes everything chioer right~ #anotherinstagramworthy LOL

The waffles weren't very crispy from what I expect, it turns out to be soft and a little crunchy and topped with a strawberry Ice Cream that makes everything taste just right! Rachel and I couldn't finish it all as we are afraid that we will get too full just by eating the waffle! Yes, it can be very filling! 

The last dish, I really don't know what's not to love about this, the moment both of us had this in our mouth... we went... "Oooooh, my god it tastes so good!!?!?" The wings crispy level 10/10 and the best thing is that it was topped with tomato sauce!!! The next time I drop by here, I will definitely order this!!! You guys should totally give this a shot~ \^o^/

And yep, that pretty much sums up my experience in Buck Tile St. Cafe! I foresee myself going back there for more, I must be missing out so much all this while! Their Blue Velvet Cakes (Hot selling) and Chicken Wings is something you shouldn't miss at all! Buck Tile St Cafe is totally a perfect place for you to chill with your friends, the place is so spacious which makes moving around way easier! They also provide free wi-fi for paying customers and students are welcome for study sessions, so you can get your work done while enjoying a hot cup of coffee or something~

Oh and Buck Tile do accept whole cake advance orders as well, you can simply drop them an email at for more info! 

This place is definitely more convenient for people that drives, I'm not too sure what are the buses available to get there as we cab over this place! Perhaps, for students that wish to try this cafe.. you can try using google map after you alight from Clementi Mrt! ;)

Bucktile St Cafe
104 Faber Drive, 129412

Thank you Buck Tile for the yummy invitation! One off from my bucket list! ^^
Thanks for reading! x

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