1 January 2016

A brand new year!

Been awhile since I last updated this space, I'm sorry for neglecting this space for long. Anyway, here's to a brand new year and I'm glad that 2015 ended well for me! Though I have to admit that 2015 is indeed the most heartbreaking year ever, but I'm glad that I've overcome even the toughest times with the help from my family and good friends! I'm super thankful and eternally grateful for you guys, (you know who you are)

Throughout the year of 2015, I was given lots of opportunities for me to gained exposure and new experiences which I'm extremely thankful for. How can I forget this part? I've met a bunch of nice online store owners who have been gifting/showering my wardrobe with pretty apparels and aesthetics/hair sponsors that dolled me up from head to toe! Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to work with you guys! :)

I've learnt so much in 2015 though there were so many unhappy/troubled moments and I really hate myself for giving myself a chance to get hurt over the same issues. To reflect again, I'm glad that I've grown so much wiser and decided to let things slip by. I've learnt from my parents to be a bigger person and to be kind no matter how other treat us. It was so hard for me to do so because I tend to hold grudges on people that has the intention to hurt me, then again... I reflect every night. Truth is,  I'm making myself unhappy for dwelling/holding on it, so I finally let go and move on being a better person. 

It takes so much courage for me to do lots of things in 2015 and I'm glad that it helps me to grow even better as a person. I also wanna thank God for all your blessings all these while, be it the good or bad. Everything is a lesson for me and I'm willing to learn, accept it and move on! 

To the ones that have been supporting me through my blogging days, you guys indeed make a big part in this space and I'm glad to continue to pursue my passion here! (which I almost give up in the entire 'blogging career') / Also, hitting the big 10k on Instagram this year is indeed another milestone achieved! Thank you all x

Keeping this post really short, since it's over. Here's to a better year for all of us! 

Thanks for reading!

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