11 December 2015

Sponsored Post - Hairparatus

Been searching for a good hair curler for the longest time and I'm really glad to be able to share this really useful hair tool to you all here!

Have you heard of the Repit All in One Brush Iron?! I'm really new to hair styling devices and it really caught my attention when I was given the opportunity to try Hairparatus product! I cannot deny these days, I've been trying to achieve the natural wavy look and it can be a huge frustration for people who have extremely straight hair (like me!) 
Thanks to this Repit All in One Brush Iron, I am able to achieve a much fuller and natural hair look! Not only that, I can play with different kinds of styles like the C curl, S-Curl (which my hair is still not long enough for it), Straightening) - Scroll down for more ^.^

You can see how short and straight my hair is now after trimming my dry ends 2 days back! Yucks, I've never like the idea of heading out with this kind of hair hahaha. No volume, no nothing. :(

So... I  decided to take out some time alone and play around with the Repit All in One Brush Iron today~ 
Achieve a simple look with this brush and I'm quite amazed how it lasted me, at least, half the day (with the help of proper haircare products too) Of course, if you're feeling lazy to use your hair care products.. you can skip that and still achieve the C-curl/S-curl look, how long it will last.. I not too sure! 

Oh and you can see that this hair brush comes in 4 different temperatures! 

How I use it
I'm used to the look where there's a curl at the end of my hair! My hair can be a little unruly sometimes as my hair is layered!

1) I comb my hair first and then split my hair into half/two sides then start with the bottom! 

2) I switch on the Repit All in one Brush to 170 degrees, then proceed to curl my bottom ends! Each process should not take you 3mins... Depending on how curly you want it to be! 

3) Continue to do it until it's complete! I have pretty thick hair, so it usually take me quite some time to get it done~ heh
Blast your music if you need to.... lol 

We are done with the natural C-curl look! ^.^ 
I wish I can do the S-Curl but sadly... my hair is too short for it :'( GROW HAIR GROW!!
I love how it really helps in volumizing my hair!! This hair brush might be useful for people with thinner hair and wanting to achieve that thicker hair look!

The brush is also equipped with ceramic heaters that protect the users hair from heat damage, so you don't have to worry about that! I was never a huge fan of hair styling devices as I've heard how damaging it can be~, but I know that I need to start having one due to frequent shoots and advertorials! I wanna loooook fab lol

Honestly, I was pretty taken aback to hear how good this product works, but now I'm a convert! I think it's tricky when I started using it and it didn't run through my hair very well (too dry I guess), but then I got the hang of it and now it works very well on my hair and glides it down perfectly! Now it takes less than 15mins for me to get it all done! Fuss-free!
This Repit All in One Brush is manufactured and assembled in Korea and it's retailing at $260! If you've been searching for a good hair brush, this might be the one that suit your needs! Time for you to beautify your hair~ :D Tutorials on C-Curl, S-Curl and Straightening can be found HERE!

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Quote, "SHUFENG" to get $20 off when you cart out! 

Happy shopping and look fab for your X'mas, ladies! 
Thanks for reading~ 


  1. Hi.. thanks for the review... may i ask, what size did you get?

  2. Hi.. thanks for the review... may i ask, what size did you get?