7 November 2015

Sponsored post: Lushlashh!

It's been awhile since I last updated this space! You'll be seeing more sponsored post/ads here for the next few weeks! Of course, I will try to keep it updated with my lifestyle too! Being such a busy woman lately... ugh swarmed with so many works as usual! 

Anyway, I really can't wait to share where I got my new lashes done at! No longer have to depend on eyeliner, many thanks to Lushlashh!!! I was invited to their new outlet at The Arcade located at Raffles place! Pretty excited for it, cause finally... the day has come where I do not have to put on so much eyeliner when I'm out!!??!?!
 A really cosy and neat outlet! I have to admit space is small, so I am sure making an appointment beforehand is essential!

Where you get your lashes done at this comfy area! 

Wondering what are all these products for? IT'S FOR YOU, CUSTOMERS! They are super thoughtful in this??? You can touch up your make-up and smell extremely good before you leave the area! I think that's a brilliant idea, you don't have to worry about bringing your big makeup pouch out when you head for the lash extension! 

A little corner for you to touch up everything before you go! 

Mirror ootd while waiting for the lash expertise!~ ^^
Before getting everything started, had a quick discussion and what type of lashes I'm looking for, they offer lots of design for you to pick from and also advice which will be suitable for your eyes!

I decided to go for C-Curl since I wanted a little more cute look!

This is my first touch up since I opt for sensitive glue! I wasn't very comfortable having D-curl at first as I'm not used to the length.. so I had to change the design to C curl instead!

My overall experience with LushLashh was great! Not to forget about how thoughtful they were~ instead of using eye tape for bottom lashes.. they decided to go for eye mask which helps to rejuvenate and brightens your dark eye circles area! It's been almost a week from eyelash extension. I would say that the fake lashes are so comfortable that sometimes I forgotten I have them on, really! So thankful that I made this decision to go for it as I was once skeptical about it. Huhuuuuu, I can look decent without makeup on! LOL.

Thank you, LushLashh for your pampering!!

For appointment: +65 85685268 / 9477 3322 
The Arcade @ Raffles place #03-12 
Thanks for reading!

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