13 October 2015

Sponsored post: Benefit x Luxola

Who else is a big fan of Benefit cosmetics?! I've heard a few popular products from Benefit, like Benetint and their mascaras but didn't get to try them! Since, Luxola has brought in Benefit cosmetics, it makes shopping way more convenient for me and for all the benefit cosmetics lovers! I am sure that I'm not the only one who feel this way not once but zillion times — The part where you feel so lazy to head out to stock up your cosmetics products, but you have zero choice because it's either you'll be too busy to get it the next time round or your products are really running very low! So thankful that Luxola makes everything easier for online shoppers! As for myself... I shop online more than I shop in retail stores! I don't know about you, but I find Luxola is indeed an online paradise for beauty junkies!

 So excited to try out their nudes eyeshadow! I really love how they put their packaging in a very quirky & retro way! Admit it, most of us got attracted by nice packaging before looking what's inside aye?

So Luxola has sent the 'World Famous Neutrals - Sexiest Nudes ever' over~ You can find the product over here! I guess this product is pretty hot selling on Luxola, so be quick if you wanna look sexy too! HAHAHAHA.

The colours are so pretty huh and not to forget how compact and handy they are! It helps to save a lot of space in your bag too!!!! I felt ashamed of myself because I used to bring a big eyeshadow palette out to touch up in the past... lol wtf.

YAAAAS, With the little mirror, it makes touch up in the public easier! I really couldn't find any reason not to love this, and I've been diggin' into more natural look lately and this is pretty much my go-to eyeshadow colour for a week already! 

Swatches check!
Really pigmented colours, what's not to love about this?!
I love playing with makeup, no doubts on that. So I've created a look using this little palette!

If you love this look or have been diggin' in something more natural then you should totally get this from Luxola! I can foresee myself getting another one after I finish this! The colours are just soooo gorgeous!

And in case you didn't know! Luxola provides free delivery when you spend above $40! Luxola has got almost everything you need, many cosmetics/skincare brands! Shopping online for cosmetics/skincare is indeed easier thanks to Luxola! ^^

Thanks for reading and girls stay beautiful~ 

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