6 October 2015

Sponsored post: BeauLAB Newborn LASH

Always frustrated over sparse lashes? We are on the same boat! To be honest, I felt that my lashes are not long enough... I've received compliments from my friends that my lashes are considered quite long. BUT, a vain pot like me always wishes for a thicker and longer lashes to the extent I always want to opt for eyelash extension! To be honest, I've never tried any lash serum before.. and here is my very first lash serum review!

Given the opportunity to do a short review for BeauLAB newborn LASH! 
"BeauLAB South East Asia is a beauty distribution company which specializes in acquiring the top and finest skincare products around the world and distributing them across beauty salons and spas. By providing the newest and most innovative products that bring results, it aims to be the forefront leader in the beauty industry to suit the ever changing markets and trends." 
A very clear instructions for you, fret not!

 A very simple packaging too! Since it was meant for the lashes and brows, you shouldn't expect it to look extremely grand too! Super handy, just like an eyeliner! Hahaha.

It comes in a very fine tip, makes application way easier for you! Totally just like applying an invisible eyeliner!

Things you need to know about New Born Lash 
You may experience longer and thick lashes after 3 weeks of usage
Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested
Safe for even the most sensitive eyes. 

How to Apply
#1 Apply once a day, every night before bedtime. 
#2 Similar to applying eyeliner, apply newborn LASH to the skin at the edge of your eyelid right above your lashes.
#3 After application, wait for 5 minutes. Once it is dry, you can continue with your usual skin care routine.

Here's a picture of my current lashes after 3 weeks of applications! No mascara on at all! Those empty gaps (plucked together with eyelash extensions 6 months back) seems to be covered by newborn lashes too hahaha yay!
Feels like a brand new set of lashes already!

[ Personal experience on this product ]
The good thing is, I can see a slight difference! My lashes are much thicker, fuller and slight longer! If you look closely again.. I applied the serum more on my right eye instead to see the difference! I was pretty skeptical about the whole concept of lash serum, but I was all wrong! Oopsy. Oh, I also advise not to put too much cause it irritates my eyes, like those y'know very itchy feeling or maybe it's just me?! My eyes are really very sensitive, so maybe it works very well on you. Who knows!

Oh also, just my piece of advise~ you might want to give more time for the part where it claims that 'you may experience longer lashes'. I personally see the slight bit difference but not too much yet! 

If you wish to achieve a thicker and longer lashes in a very natural way, you might want to give this a shot! It is retailing at $238 per tube, to find out where you can purchase, kindly contact BeauLAB SEA at +65 6316 3168 :)

Check them out at their social media handles!
Instagram: www.instagram/atachesg

Thanks for reading! ^.^

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