10 October 2015

Sponsored post: Arch Angel Brow

Here's to a fresher and lively look! We all know how hot and trendy Korean eyebrows are! Yep, those kinda straight and not so archy eyebrows! I was invited to Arch Angel Brow last week to get my messy brows done, oh finally! It's time for somethangggg new! Arch Angel Brow is located at Clementi 321 Mall! It can be found with just a few minutes walk from the MRT! The moment I stepped in... the outlet is indeed a little small but hey! I feel really cosy and was served by a cup of hot tea while waiting for Kelly and Eileen ;)

Had a short discussion with Kelly and I knew that my brows will be in good hands, she advised what kind of shape will best suit my face features and of course, I still have a choice to choose which shapes I like. No obligations in between!
Numbing cream (15 - 20mins) 
And after all the discussion.. it is time for numbing cream which led me to another private room where the whole process of doing the eyebrow will be at. ^^

After numbing cream, it's time to get the brows shape done! ;)
As you can see from here, I have a very messy eyebrows, didn't even bother to get it trim hahaha. #lazygirl #lazyproblems // But I am already excited for prettier eyebrows!

Kelly has drawn two shapes that are most suitable for my face and yes I agreed with the final shape before moving on! Please note that I was not allowed to take photos during the whole embroidery process due to privacy matter. But not to worry, I will just pen down my experience on their service :) The whole process took about 2.5hrs? And I went out for dinner looking damn fine LOL #joke

And it's been almost a week and my eyebrows still look neat and clean, can't wait for the second touch up though (will blog about it too)! But, I still love how it fades to natural colour now~ So cheers to good eyebrow days, no bad eyebrow days! :D 

#1 How's long did the whole process took? Ans: About 2.5 hrs, depending on your brow shape!
#2 Is it painful? Ans: The pain is still bearable, however, you can let Kelly know if you feel any discomfort!
#3 Any downtime scabbing? Ans: No, absolutely no scabbing after Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery! (The more you should go for it!)
#4 How long will it last? Ans: About 1-2 year(s) including 2 touch ups!

Personal experience
The whole Korea Combo Eyebrow embroidery process was alright for me! The pain was really bearable and Kelly did ask if I feel any discomfort during the whole embroidery process, and not to forget that Kelly was super meticulous at work! This is why I know my eyebrows will be in good hands! Also.. you should know the importance of having good eyebrows, it really helps in giving your face look less tired! I'm so glad that on the days where I am just too lazy to put on makeup, I still have good brows to save me. HAHAHA! 

Just wanna thank Arch Angel Brow team for saving my bad eyebrows and advised what's best for me! Feel free to give them a call at +65 6250 1151 for any other enquiries, I am sure they'll suggest what's best for your eyebrows! 

Time to get your brows done! Quote "SHUFENG" for a whopping $100 OFF!!!!! VALID TO FIRST 20 CUSTOMERS ONLY! ^^

321 Mall, Clementi Avenue 3, #01-08
Weekdays opening hours 11.00am - 9.30pm
Weekends opening hours 10.30am - 8pm

Thanks for reading! 

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