28 October 2015

Daily skincare regime with Derma-Rx!

So... it's been quite a while since I last talk about skincare products! As usual, I've been using DRx products for the longest time and still a loyal fan! As you know.. I've done the DRx Premier Acne Treatment Facial (PAT) in the month of August and I had skin review with Dr Hui Yun few weeks back! 

So glad that my skin is much more stabilized as compared to the past! But, like I said previously that I am not blessed with good skin, but I am thankful how much DRx have changed my life, my confidence level. I still do get acne at the time of the month and I am sure many girls can't avoid this! 

So here's all the products I've been using day & night!
The amount of products I have to use day & night! I'm quite a hardworking girl right?!?!?! LOL
So I will continue my skincare regime in sequence~

#1 Foaming Cleanser
I think it is important to cleanse your face thoroughly before moving on to other products~ I've been using this cleanser for almost a year! It works so well on my skin and I love the scent of it too! 

 #2 Toner
This toner is an alcohol-free fluid infused with a synergistic blend of AHAs to gently exfoliate for a healthier-looking skin! Also from what I know, the toner is able to maintain the skin's pH balance without any drying effects!

 #3 Comedone Formula
My main issues have got to be Comedones which also mean whiteheads/blackheads! This product is an award-winning product! And I love how it really helps to minimize the appearance of my comedones (whiteheads & blackheads)

#4 Blemish Formula
Apparently, they changed the packaging, serum texture and the colour too! I prefer the newer version, so it's a great thing that they've changed!! This is one of my favourite product as it helps to minimize the appearance of blemishes and helps to prevent future breakouts my acne ;)

#5 MAX-C
Another product I love! Been using Max-c for almost 6 - 8 months and I can see it helps to even out my skin tone~

#6 Hydrator
I do get breakout whenever my skin is a little dry & tight but thanks to this, I can keep my skin hydrated during the day & night. I can keep my skin hydrated during the day & night. Of course, this is only a very light hydrator. If you have a very very dry skin issues, I am sure the Doctor in DRx will prescribe you a stronger moisturizer/hydrator! BTW, I LOVE THE SCENT OF IT :D

X-cream helps to lighten my dark blemishes & dark eye circles, however, I was told not to use it daily~ and for Acne Spot Lotion, it helps to dry up my big pimple overnight! So it's great for acne prone skin ^~^

#8 Liposomal sunscreen
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Because it gives off an instant glow on my face after applying! And you know out of so many products I have used, sunscreen is the most important product which I can't live without!!!

Other products which I don't use it every day (advised from Dr Hui Yun)
This product is very drying for my skin, I was told to only apply on my forehead (where most of the comedones will be at) VIT-A-GEL stimulates and increases cell turnover and also reduces the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin texture!

I was advised not to apply this on my entire face as the product's ingredients may be a little too rich for my skin! I was told to just apply at my eye area :) Fyi: This product formulated with advanced anti-aging ingredients that helps to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin via collagen stimulation and promoting new cell renewel~ Only use this once or twice a week!

Been using this twice a week!!! Love this mask cause it really helps in controlling the oil! The anti-blemish mask helps to clear comedones, exfoliates the skin, cleanses the pores and it is meant for oily, congested and blemish-prone skin :) One of the best masks I've tried!

Just sharing to you my top 4 products from DRx will be Sunscreen, Blemish Formula, Hydrator & Anti-Blemish Mask! Like I've said, everyone has different skin condition and I am sure that DRx Doctor will prescribe products that are suitable for your skin! So not to worry! Treat your skin today!

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