30 September 2015

Haze.. haze.. go away!

How's life going so far for you guys? I hope all of you have been doing well! I've been very busy as usual, and it just keeps me wondering who still ever read blogs nowadays when there's Instagram? Anyway, the recent haze was so bad... and it irritates me at many levels! My contact lens tends to dry up and became really itchy whenever I head out and not to mention that my flu just keeps coming back... Oh god. I really miss the fresh air and I can't wait to smell it again! So here's a little reminder not to take our fresh air for granted when its back... lol 

Every morning, I wake up and hoping the sky will be back clear and clean! But, it just gets so disappointing these days. I am sure many of you wish to have a fresh air soon ya? Alright, back to the topic. Life hasn't been really good for me, however, I am still surviving and working on it. I just hope in time, things will get better for me. All I ever pray for is a good health not only for myself but for my family and friends!  Also I deactivated my old twitter and decided to move on to another brand new account which will be (selective follows & followers) As I grow up, I really do not fancy the idea of playing twitter now. But this platform is such a good place for ranting... I still play with it, but not often anymore! 

I am more active on IG, and still working on many advertorials! I bet many of you probably sick of seeing so many ads, tbh my life is so boring, but I will still try to cut down on posting too many ads soon as I'll be taking over Dad's business in a few months time. Definitely not ready for the big change, but I hope I will learn something new and make sure my future is in the right path. But don't worry, I will not stop blogging till the day where I find it pointless and it is just time to move on to a better income, in the meanwhile. I will still take it as my side job and as a hobby! I am glad to have a bunch of love ones watching over me and make sure I stay grounded, x

I will continue to work hard~ thanks for reading!

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