10 September 2015

August Favourites 2015~

Hello!!! I am back with some favourite features for last month! I decided to do a short blog post + 3min vlog~ So, I really hope you enjoy it as it took me a lot of time to get everything up! I am glad to have a few days to spare for this video & blog post! ^~^

So... I've been very busy with work lately, flooded with lots of advertorials & shoots. I really can't wait to get it done asaaaaap! I've been working really hard that I probably neglected my love ones, I'm so sorry about it. BUT... I will be back soon!!! 
 As mentioned in the video, I've bought quite a few beauty products last month and want to share it to you since they worked so well for me! All products are not sponsored, they were paid by my own money! 

 So I've been using the CATRICE Illuminating Blush for almost a month and I absolutely love this, I am not lying! The staying power is so strong and it cost me less than $10!! Like, are you fo' real? It doesn't break me out so far and this blusher kinda gives off that glow on your cheeks. What's not to love about this blusher? YOU NEED TO CHECK THEM OUT. Available only at Guardian!

 Again, I told you that I am such a huge fan of CATRICE products because they're soo freakin' cheap and the quality is really way better than some popular makeup brands! I've been using this to highlight my bottom eyelid (step ulzzang yo) or sometimes at the corner of my eyes, honestly, it works better than the Etude house eyeshadow which I've bought recently. Lol T_T 

  I've completely stopped using water-based makeup remover and moved on to milk cleanser. I felt that they're better than water-based makeup remover due to the fact that they remove all my makeup completely after a long day! The only thing I didn't like about... is that the cleansing milk contains fragrance, otherwise, it works really well for me and my skin feels really CLEAN after the first usage!

 Current favourite body mist from Victoria Secret! So, I went in the other day with A and grabbed two bottles since they were having the "buy 1 get 1 free!?!?!?" If you're thinking to get this, please note that this body mist doesn't last the whole day, so if you're thinking to smell good the entire day. Just forget about this bottle, get a proper perfume from VS. #dontsayineverwarnyou :(

 With this, I can now raise my hand without feeling insecure lololol, another product I love! Smells good too ok????? But for the whitening case, I will only rate 6.5/10? Hahahaha.

 Besides CATRICE, Essence is also another product you should totally look out for esp their lipstick range! They're much cheaper than CATRICE, I would say! This mascara totally helps in lengthening and darken my lashes, like wtf... this cost me less than $10. I can CRY FOR ALL I WANT. #gameon #notimetocryforfuckboys #actuallystillcancauseonlylessthan$10 lol jk

MY HOLYGRAIL PRODUCT, OMFG REALLY 100% WATERPROOF. Lol, take all my money. I finally found the perfect eyeliner!!!! 

Oh, by the way, the haze was really bad so please hydrate and stay indoor more often guys!! I am totally down with flu & cough right now :'( So that's all for now, do watch my videos for the swatches! So much 'REALLY' mentioned in the video cause the products are REALLY too good not to share!!!! Ahahaha, do give a thumbs up if you like this video~ 
Thanks for reading & watching! 

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