9 August 2015


Blogging at this timing is a bad idea especially if the topic is food... Heh. Anyway, I've been craving for Bingsoo for the longest time! Hence, decided to try the one at Snowy Village right behind Lasalle! *Grins* Oh, this place is totally perfect for a #ootd shot! No kiddin' :) 

We were quite lucky to get a seat for two on a Saturday afternoon! Yep, here's out Bingsoo!!!! *SLURPS*

I ordered the Strawberry Bingsoo without any hesitation because I loveeeeee eating strawberries! I can't remember the cost of it but, it should be around $14.50? 

And here's the Injelomi Bingsoo! My bf said it taste not that bad. We have yet tried the other Bingsu cafe, but this place really didn't disappoint us as a first timer! The bill came up to $38, I would say it's worth the price for such a huge tub! This place is indeed a small and humble place, and it will be a perfect place to chill when the weather is scorching hot! And... now that I know about this place, I'm coming back for more! ^~^

Snowy Village
120A Prinsep Street Singapore 187937 
(near Lasalle, Sim Lim Square)

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