1 August 2015


Totally neglected this little humble space... I've been caught up with so many things again and again! I am glad to have more time to hang out with friends & family as well as get some work done now~ Hasn't been doing the whole "cafe-hopping" thingy quite a while and A's brought me to Hyde & Co for brunch today! Amazing food, service and ambience! Honestly, I am not a fan of cafe food but this cafe certainly have everything I look for! 

 Yay, my big ben! (:

You really got to try their chicken wings!! It is worth the price and it was sooooo good! Honestly, I am quite full just by eating the chicken wings..... lol #wth yeah ikr 

The bill came up to $61, it was totally worth it for the food & services! No regrets. (:
Found a random back alley and decided to snap a few pictures~ This got to be one of my favourite candid HAHAHAHAHA. #lame

#newmonth, #newgoals 
Past few weeks have been really hectic for me, honestly.. I've been struggling with work & relationships issues. I am glad that everything is back to normal now and both of us decided to start on something new and better for our future! We can't wait to reveal it! I am really excited for it though I know the first few months won't be easy for us! I am really motivated to do it as it has been my passion and I want to make it happen! (:

August please be good! <3

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