8 August 2015

Beauty talks: Innisfree It's Real Manuka Honey Mask~

Hello there!! Finally, another beauty review~  Hope all of you have been doing well! :D
I've mentioned this before that I am skeptical when it comes to reviewing masks, I've tried so many masks from different brands and many of them just don't work on me. Maybe my skin is a little too sensitive.. however, I came across the Innisfree 'its real masks' yesterday at Vivo City outlet. I hesitated to get them, but the thought of its natural ingredients and its-just-a-$2-mask... I gave it a shot!

 I bought a few of them and I can't wait to try this one since my skin has been quite dry lately and I ran out of hydrator *sobs* / have yet fixed my appointment with my skin sponsors, but will do so soon! The recent dry skin issues have certainly increased my insecurities when I head out. Hence, this shall be my life savior!

Thank god there are English instructions >.< (Pssst, I have yet mastered the skill of reading Korean language okay.... hahaha maybe one day.)

My personal opinion on this sheet mask
 The cut of the sheet masks seems to fit me better than other sheet masks lol (IDK why????) and adhere well to the skin. The scent of it was not too strong and it was just nice for me. Tbh, I can totally feel the difference already~ This Manuka Honey mask indeed left my skin feel hydrated and refreshed!! $2 for this sheet mask is definitely worth the buy, I've personally got the one in tea tree & strawberry too and can't wait to invest more of these! Will do up a combined review soon. ^~^

Thanks for reading!

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