1 June 2015

Sponsored post: 3 in 1 Little Devil Tramy

Received a 3 in 1 lip tint few weeks back and I am really excited to show you how it works! To be honest, I am pretty skeptical on purchasing cosmetics online.

From what I know blogshop_queenie have been known for all their certified product and product effectiveness. Had a huge relieved after seeing many reviews about them! Honestly, I couldn't decide which shade to choose because I love the colour between coral and hot pink! 
This lipstick wasn't a brand I paid much attention to. But get to know how a 3 in 1 Lip tint works, it surely gives off  lots of excitement to try this product. 

I've chosen shade #02, Hot pink. Since I have too much light pink lipsticks laying around on my makeup table and now I decided to go for something new :)

*Sobs* I hate crocodile teeth..... lol 

The colour is quite pigmented and I love how it gives off the overall glossy look!! ^~^

Since it's a 3 in 1 lip tint, how can I forget the steps for my cheeks?

 After having it on my cheeks, I will still prefer my powder blusher though. I guess I wasn't used to having a cheek stain on, but surely I know that I will still be using it for a shoot due to the staying power! This product may benefit to people who prefer their blusher/cheek stain stays on more than 6hrs, I've tried it for a shoot last week and it stays on pretty well despite the fact that I've sweat so much. :)

Besides using it on the lips and cheeks, this lip tint works on the eyelid too! I have to be honest that this part wasn't really up to my liking as an eyeshadow as I couldn't control the amount of the liquid and smudge them nicely on my eyelid, but it works really well for cheeks & lips! After all, I will still rate this product a 4.5/5 for its high pigmented colour stain and easy to carry it around since this lip tint is smaller than a pen size!

IMO, it is still a good product for those who love lip tint that are pigmented and glossy! Thank you Blogshop_queenie for sending this lovely product over! I hope you enjoy this short review, x


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