15 June 2015

Quick brunch @ Food For Thought

Can't believe the weekend flew just like that and it's Monday again! Well.. tbh, it has been such a tiring weekend for me :( Past few weeks, I've been swarmed with work and I can't wait to finish it! Here comes another new week to battle again~

Feel like updating this space since it's a little dead here, so here's another quick visuals over the weekend ;)
 Surprisingly there weren't many people here on a Sunday! Maybe that's because the place we were at, is far away from shopping malls and HDB..

 Yep, prices are affordable so far!

 Can't believe they came up with such kids menu! So cute!

 Full Works (Darren's order)

House Works (My order)

Darren told me that their food wasn't that disappointing and it's true! I didn't waste my money and it tastes good! I love their scrambled eggs tho, they're just purrrrrfect! :-)

After brunch, we chill out a little while at the cafe before we start shooting for my advertorial apparels at Botacs~ I am very thankful for Darren! As a friend, he was understanding and patient towards my workload and willing to offer the help! I've been packed with other projects and I am glad to at least cleared half of the new apparels from my wardrobe thanks to Darren and Andriel! :')

Aside from all that. I just wanna congratulate my Elder sis for her marriage on Saturday! To be able to witness all of this, it was truly a blessing and I am really happy for her! She has been together with her boyfriend (Aka Husband now) for good 13 years!!! I am sure as hell that they've been through so much! It is definitely not easy, and she is someone that I look up to! Thank you for all your unconditional love when we were still living together, hehe.

Although there's a little cock up before the wedding and it got me ranting on twitter non-stop, I still want to thank God for all the blessings! I am thankful for it and will never take it for granted.

Thanks for reading! 

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