1 May 2015

Sponsored post: Contact Lens

Sometimes, things don't always go your way or you might just have a very bad day! Well... I've been in that stage where I am super late for school but have to go out of my way to the nearest optical shop just to stock up my daily contact lenses. I have to admit that I am kinda sick of daily lenses despite the fact that they're really hassle-free and save a lot of time!

Ever since then, I thought it will be good if there are such monthly subscription services for contact lenses for busy students/working adults or people that hate to go out of their way just to stock up their daily/monthly lenses! But never knew that it will come true :O

I'm really excited to announce to y'all that this subscription services is the first to be launched in Singapore! 
"They have served thousands of customers from their retail shops located in Malaysia, and now they aim to the cheapest and fastest contact lens supplier in Malaysia & Singapore!" 

Fyi: They're operating from Malaysia, hence the sg website will be redirected to .my. if you're wondering why~
Yes, the page is easy to navigate around! That's something important for people who love to shop online often. I admit that I really hate web page that are complicated to navigate around.

Moving on..

There are 9 brands available on their online platform and I personally picked out Freshkon brand since I've heard how comfortable their lenses were.

Yep! That's their subscriptions service!

I've picked two monthly lenses in different colour ;)

Mystical Black

I've personally worn this for one of the advertorial on my Instagram (pslove_co ad) // Yep, super natural right!

Winsome Brown

I love how both of the lenses look very natural on my eyes, not too dramatic~ I tried both of it on alternate days for a week, it really looks like I have no contact lenses on! Both of these lenses are really suitable for work & school. Oh as told by the owner, they are soft & authentic lenses! It is safe to wear and order from their site!

I felt that this subscriptions service have certainly helped a lot of people to save the trouble! There's no need for you to reorder and you no longer have to be panic when your contact lenses supplies run out on your most important day! Besides that, if you're only interested just getting the individual boxes.. they are available for sale too! :)

Both of these lenses can be found in this link:


Thanks for reading! x

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