17 May 2015

Refash SG x Hollyhoque

Quick visuals on my Saturday day out! I guess it has been such a long time since I document what's going on my life beside ootd all day err day on IG! Lol.

Anyway, I was invited to sell away all my preloved clothes at Refash outlet right in City Plaza! When was the last time I went to City Plaza?!??!!? I think it was SEC 4 times.... LOL no kidding, anyway I am super happy cause I've cleared my wardrobe and it is super spacious now! Desperately clearing them away~

You know I may bound to have new advertorials coming in, and collaborations with various beloved blogshops... so most of the time my wardrobe will be very filled within a month or so and which means I will be very busy shooting for outfits too! 

So.. would appreciate that if you could head down to show some support~ hehehe promised! Nothing above $15~ So it's totally a steal for you!
 All clothes will be tagged accordingly to each influencer name!! :)
Dress: Hollyhoque
Getting a little tired now so I will blog soon! Gotta wake up early later to prepare for shoot, can't wait to get the sets of photos ready cause recently I met a really nice photographer which is somewhat a friend now! ;)

Also gonna do a little revamp on my ig account, can't wait to update more often about my own life visuals!

Thanks for reading! X

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