23 April 2015

Sponsored Post: New DRx Essential Facial #1

It's the time of the month to visit my favourite place! I headed to the DRx Medispa on Monday for a facial to improve the skin's condition and get rid all the junks & bacteria that were clog deep in my skin! I've previously blogged about the NEW Essential Facial Plus! Promo code is still available and running! ;) Check it out!

So recently out of the random days, my skin turned out to be pretty horrible. I started breaking out near my jaw lines! I was really worried and the very next day, I informed Jill about my current skin situation and so thankful that I am able to book the appointment for review with Dr Hui Yun one week before my facial! Totally stunned when I saw acne forming near my jaw lines. You know, I never had any acne problems occurs around that area and that's the very new spot. (More on this soon) Moving on...

The NEW DRx Essential Facial!
Ok, I blocked away my eyes on this picture is because... I look damn cock with half eyes open lol

After cleansing
A closer picture of my current skin condition! I assumed it may not be very shocking for those who've been following through my blogging days~ Like I've mentioned before, I am not blessed with good skin and I have to accept the fact! But, I am very grateful that my skin has tremendously improved with the help of the DRx products & Facial/Treatment! Yes, they work so well for me. 

Derma-Infuser Deep Cleanse
As told by Felicia (The Therapist), this process is to clean and kill all the bacteria that has been trapped deep in my skin for long! The whole process was super cooling and relaxing! ^~^

I don't know about you, but I really dislike extractions. As what they said... In order to have a beautiful and healthier skin.. I need to tolerate this process! Oh. I like how Felicia is very meticulous when it comes to extractions, she make sure that every blackheads/whitehead are out from my face. None of it should be left because when it stays longer, this is when the acne starts to appear!
I am super happy because right after the extractions, I can feel that my skin is super clean & smooth~ :D

Moving on to Ultrasonic Treatment Infusion and ending off with a Therapeutic Facial mask ;)
A picture of me right after the facial! My hair is in a mess anyway lol siaozharbor hahahahaha
Can't believe my skin glows right after the facial!!! My skin also felt waaaaay cleaner after the New Essential Facial! ^~^ 

 Yep.. as usual ;)

Before I leave the place, I put on really light makeup and head out to meet Rachel to get some truffle fries craving fixed @ Paragon P.S Cafe! :D Thank you DRx for all the pampering! Thankful x

The DRx Medispa
302 Orchard Road
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Mall) #16-02 & #14-02/03
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555

The DRx Medispa operation hours
Mon to Sat: 10am to 8pm | Sun  : 10am to 6pm | Closed on PH /
Instagram: @thedrxmedispa / @thedrxclinic

Thanks for Reading! X

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