26 April 2015

Shoots x Sazeriya x MarbleSlab

It has been so long since I come up with personal lifestyle entries... well just gonna do a quick one as I have something coming up (videos)! :) As usual, met A and we headed for a quick shoot at the Singapore Art Museum! I need to get advertorial photos ready for the weekend! So thankful to have him cause he has been so supportive and patient! <3

So, I wanted somewhere that is bright and suitable for the indoor shoot. Can I say that the weather was perfect to chill at home? Quite a pity, cause I still have to get the work done! 

iPhone 6 photos~ so excuse for quality
Awaiting for our chicken wings~ Teehee, anyway the food here are super affordable!!!! I am not kidding, they taste so good and most of the food over there are below $10 NETT! I can't seem to find any more restaurants that are cheaper than Saizeriya! 

 This got to be my all time favourite! Whenever I'm here, I will definitely order 2 plates of it!! They taste equally good as the one I ordered at the other restaurant! Can't remember what's the name but it's located at Orchard!! And here at Saizeriya.. it cost me only $3.90 for 5 pieces! :O #seriouslynotsponsoredforthisok lol

After dinner, we thought of catching a movie but, most of the seats we wanted are sold out. Hence, we gave it pass! :'( 
30 mins later... we were craving for Ice cream and so we headed to Marble Slab since it is nearer to where we are going! 

Anyway, it was our first time eating this and it taste so good! ^~^  Such a happy girl on Saturday date! #myloveforicecreamistotallytoomuch
A's order: Durian + Kit Kat / Mine: Candyfloss + Vanilla + Marshmallow 

And throwback to our photos~
He told me not to post this because he looks sleepy hahaha, but I insisted. ;p
Love you to the moon and the back... thanks for sticking through no matter how hard things went! x

It's 1:06AM, time for bed! Thanks for reading! 

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